Woman Thrown Off Plane for Calling Hillary THIS

Woman Thrown Off Plane for Calling Hillary THIS

This story is going to BLOW YOUR MIND! This Woman was thrown OFF a plane and the airline refused to assist her! The reason, is what is going to make your head spin…I’ll give you one hint- HILLARY CLINTON!

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What you are about to hear, is a man who called into the Rush Limbaugh show, and proceeded to share a story about his wife. It is his wife that had this awful experience…and this story is going VIRAL!

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Just incase you are having a hard time viewing the video for some reason, here is the dialogue. We don’t want you to miss out on this story!

RUSH: Okay, Andrew, San Francisco. Great to have you. Great to have you on the program, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. Thanks for taking my call. I want to explain the situation that happened to my wife this past Saturday. She was traveling from San Francisco International Airport to the East Coast on United Airlines, and what happened was she was in a lineup. You know how you line up into the gate? And she asked in a normal tone of voice… She was talking politics with fellow passengers as it’s a very big topic these days naturally. So during the discussion, my wife called Hillary Clinton a bitch, and what happened was the gate agent heard that, and she made a beeline right to my wife. She pulled my wife out of the line, and denied her boarding because she called Hillary Clinton a bitch. We live in a Nazi Germany. This is exactly the kind of behavior that I would expect in Nazi Germany.

RUSH: You’re kidding?

CALLER: Absolutely I am not kidding. This… I am absolutely and totally, totally outraged and disgusted that United Airlines has employees that will conduct this. You cannot even have a political speech now in an airport without being pulled aside. She was denied boarding; she missed her flight. We had to rebook on another airline at very great expense, I might add. You can imagine, right, if you have to make a last-minute flight change, how much you’re gonna have to pay to do that.

RUSH: Are you gonna pursue this with United? You got witnesses, right?

CALLER: You know, United is very difficult to pursue, right? (snip) But I’m actually calling to inform your listeners: You better watch out. You better not say that Hillary Clinton is a bitch.

If this is true and we plan on saving this country. The time is now.

I’m just going to plop this right here for you to ponder…


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