Caitlyn Jenner Confronted By Trans Protesters Angry That Jenner Is White And Rich

The Left is eating itself and it’s a beautiful thing

We’re not sure exactly what to say about this, other than somebody needs to make some popcorn…

Caitlyn Jenner was confronted by angry members of the trans community who protested outside a charity event on Thursday.

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The demonstrators were angered that the 66-year-old former Olympian, who they dubbed ‘a clueless rich white woman,’ was being held up as a representative of their community.

The reality star had been speaking at a luncheon held by an LGBT charity in Chicago and attempted to engage with the protesters as she left, sparking a confrontation which was caught on camera.

Shouting slogans such as ‘You are an insult to trans people, you are an insult to women,’ protesters used a loud speaker to make their feelings known.

In a video of the altercation posted on Facebook by the protest group, Caitlyn can be seen being angrily berated, with demonstrators telling her ‘you have no right to represent us.’

In the footage the I Am Cait star, 66, attempts to reason with them, before she is escorted away by her security guards.

Caitlyn had earlier given the keynote address to an audience of 1,000 at the Speaker Series luncheon for the Chicago House.

The charity provides social services for those affected by HIV/AIDS and other LGBT issues.

The protest group, calling itself ‘I Ain’t Cait’, explained in a mission statement that Caitlyn’s wealth made her unrepresentative of the average member of the trans community.

‘Caitlyn Jenner… lives in a mansion and has a net worth of millions of dollars, while the average trans person has a 41 percent chance of experiencing homelessness and a nearly 50 percent chance of living off less than $10k per year,’ they wrote on Facebook.

The group attacked Caitlyn for her past comments on those using social services such as Chicago House, quoting from her show.

The group called her: ‘a clueless rich white woman who thinks disenfranchised trans women of color should just pluck themselves up off the street and stop being so lazy.’

And they added: ‘Caitlyn Jenner doesn’t represent trans people!’

It’s certainly true that Caitlyn Jenner is rich enough to afford the severe mental insanity that is gender dysphoria while people of more meager financial circumstances are not.

But what we can take from this is they’re all absolutely nuts.

If you want to see video of this circus, we’re happy to oblige, though we don’t know why you would subject yourself to this…

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