If any Republican is looking for a way forward, start by doing exactly the opposite thing that David Brooks recommends

Yeah, I know, another David Brooks post, but he’s the ultimate human pinata and great blog fodder.:  He starts off by correctly noting that both the Democrats and GOP are fiscally reckless jackasses, and also correctly notes that the UK far ahead of us in bankrupting their nation with insane government programs and spending.:  All true, all worth noting, he then offers up bits from a speech from prominent Conservative Party member George Osborne,

In a party conference address earlier this month, Osborne gave the speech that an American politician will someday have to give. He said that he is not ideologically hostile to government. “Millions of Britons depend on public services and cannot opt out,” he declared. He defended government workers against those who would deride them as self-serving bureaucrats: “Conservatives should never use lazy rhetoric that belittles those who are employed by the government.”

But, he pivoted, “it is because we treat those who work in our public sector with respect that I want to be straight with you about the choices we face.” The British government needs to cut back.

Brooks goes on to note more of Osborne’s cutback proposals.:  Many of them are fine (except the bit about keeping tax rates high), and obviously need to be done, but Brooks touts the Conservative Party as something we should emulate, which is insane.:  As Brooks notes, Osborne went along with some of the insane spending measures and programs he’s now working to pare back.:  Labour has owned the UK for nearly two decades with little resistance from the Tories, often receiving support from them.:  A quick perusal of the FAIL Britannia section of doubleplusundead shows the destruction and personal tragedy that Labour’s reign has wrought. So why the hell would we willingly follow that same pattern of failure established by the Tories, instead of trying to actively prevent this disaster from reaching our shores in the first place?

This is the fundamental divide that exists between conservatives and the GOP leadership and Brooks.:  Brooks and the GOP clearly have no problem with statism.:  They think that the left has won, and see themselves as the occasional tempering force on the most unrestrained and stupid power grabs by the left, as the Tories are in the UK.:  We see this divide playing out in the GOP’s aggressive support of Dede Scozzafava in New York and Charlie Crist in Florida, both are big government supporters, both are squishes that were chosen over conservatives Hoffman in NY, and Rubio in FL.:  Conservatives need to be aware of the path the GOP leadership and Brooks want to take us in, and where that path has taken others.:  If we want to stop the left, we’re going to have to defeat the GOP establishment first.:  It isn’t going to be fun, easy or pretty, as these two races are demonstrating.

You can see more of doubleplusundead and his fellow moronbloggers’ insane scribblings here.

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