Must’ve been Friday night.

Winnie the Pooh got his head stuck in a honey jar, but Winnie the Pooh isn’t from Wisconsin.

HAYWARD, Wis. — Shoppers in a Wisconsin grocery store got an unexpected surprise when a 125-pound black bear wandered inside and headed straight for the beer cooler.

That’s kind of a small one. Somebody probably should have carded him before he went in there.

The bear stopped Friday night at Marketplace Foods in Hayward, about 140 miles northeast of Minneapolis, sauntering through the automatic doors and heading straight for the liquor department.

That’s how I know it was a “him.” He didn’t waste time shopping and comparing and looking at coupons — he went straight for what he came for.

It calmly climbed up 12 feet onto a shelf in the beer cooler…

…that’s where the good stuff was…

…where it sat for about an hour while employees helped evacuate customers and summoned wildlife officials.

By “helped evacuate customers,” they probably mean “opened a second register.” Because, come on, the bear was sitting on a shelf in the beer cooler. No rush.

Officials from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources tranquilized the animal…

…by starting a game of quarters…

…and took it out of the store.

Store workers say the bear seemed content in the cooler and did not consume any alcohol.

Oh. Must’ve been a Minnesota bear.

(The TrogloPundit, a.k.a. Lance Burri, is far too busy with the football and hunting seasons to screw around with political commentary today.)

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