Democrats call upon an angry God to smite those who oppose them

Politico: DNC promises ‘rain of hellfire’

The increasingly aggressive Democratic National Committee on Friday launched a new “Call ’Em Out” website targeting prominent Republicans for statements they have made about President Barack Obama’s health reform plans.

…DNC spokesman Hari Sevugan said: “The message to opponents of change who would lie or misrepresent the truth should be clear… you will be met with a rain of hellfire from supporters armed with the facts and you will be held to account.” *

A “rain of hellfire?” Really? Isn’t that…I dunno…a little Biblical for a Democratic Party functionary? A little too integration of church and state?

When God sends a “rain of hellfire,” that means He’s displeased, does it not? Does it not indicate His righteous anger at the target of said hellfire?

Is Sevugan not, then, claiming to be acting on the side of God?

I anxiously await someone – Andrew Sullivan, maybe, or Charles Johnson – to denounce Sevugan as the Christianist he is. To denounce this blatant attempt to cast the roles of Right and Wrong, of Good and Evil, based on what they — Andy and Chuck — truly believe to be nothing more than the basest superstition. Barely better — nay, worse — than the most primitive pelt-wearing pre-human falling to his knees, praying that whatever dragon has cast its shadow over the bright yellow something that gives him light will go away, and leave him be.

Either that, or…heh. Heh. Snicker. Seriously? Hellfire?

Ooooo…a rain of hellfire.


Can you stop giggling? Because I’m still giggling.

*Slight Dowdification employed.

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