How to smear an entire political group without taking the blame for smearing an entire political group, Eugene Robinson-style

Here’s how it works.

One: start with one black president.

Two: add peaceful (if rowdy) protest.

Three: enjoy the widespread appreciation that lively debate can ensue in the post-racial society called Obamaland.

Ha! I crack myself up. Number three should read: Racism!

Writing in the Washington Post, columnist Eugene Robinson says that, yeah, some anti-Obama protesters are racists.

Not all, he’s very quick to point out. But some. Which ones, exactly…well…

He names the “birthers” specifically. And whoever made that “Obama the Witch Doctor” picture. Rep. Joe Wilson.

Now: the Birther controversy, while ridiculous, isn’t necessarily racist: it’s based in national origin, not race. The witch doctor thing…well, that could be racist — whoever did it should have (and might have) known that it could be interpreted that way. Or it could be a statement on ObamaCare. And if Joe Wilson’s actions prove that he’s a racist, then wide swaths of the American Left are also racist.

Not exactly conclusive here, Eugene.

Oh, and he named one more racist group:

I’m talking about the idiots who toss around words like “socialism” to make Obama seem alien and even dangerous — who deny the fact that he, too, is as American as apple pie.

The “idiots” who “toss around” “words like” socialism. Like those who think the government’s takeover of banks, automakers, and health care are great, big steps Marx-ward.

In other words, conservatives.

That’s the core of the Tea Party movement. That’s the core of America’s Right. That’s a lot of people. A lot. Which reminds me of something Eugene wrote earlier in the same piece:

The minute you observe that some of Obama’s critics seem to be motivated by race, the critics howl that they’re all being smeared as “racists” simply because they disagree with Obama’s policies.

Funny: he says he’s only talking about “some,” but his criteria say “most,” if not “all.” He’s doing, in other words, exactly what he says he’s not doing.

Eugene wants the best of both worlds. He wants to smear his opponents — all of them — as racist, while protecting himself from counter-accusations of racism. Of pulling the race card the moment a black president faces pushback against his policies.

He wants to make his point, but not be held accountable for his point. He’s willing to infer racism — allude to it, project it — but not come right out and say it.

Well, I’ll come right out and say it: that’s pretty yellow of you, Eugene. Pretty damn yellow.

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