‘Dog decapitator’, 24, ‘butchered his pooches and kept their heads in a motel fridge’

‘Dog decapitator’, 24, ‘butchered his pooches and kept their heads in a motel fridge’

A 24-year-old man is accused of killing and dismembering several dogs and keeping their heads in a small refrigerator while staying at a Nevada motel.

Jason Brown dog dismemberment

Jason Brown is scheduled to appear at a status hearing Wednesday in Washoe District Court on animal torture and drug charges that could send him to prison for more than 20 years. Authorities say he was arrested July 9 after a maid called police when she found a decapitated dog in the bathtub of a room Brown was renting at the Super 8 Motel in Reno. Police say they found four dog heads inside a small refrigerator, and several bloody knives and scissors. Brown had reportedly been staying at the motel for a several days without letting cleaners into his room. His lawyer, John Oakes, tells the Reno Gazette-Journal the former Reno High School student has ‘mental health issues’. He says he may need a psychiatric evaluation before he goes to trial.It’s believed Brown bought at least two of the dogs he killed off the listings website, Craigslist.

The were reported to have been Chihuahuas.

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Kevin Schiller, Washoe County Regional Animal Services assistant manager and department head, said at the time of Brown’s arrest: ‘We haven’t had any cases like this before.

‘This is probably the second major case we’ve had dealing with animal abuse. They’re not that common, at least at this level.’

If Brown had committed such acts before 2011 Reno police would have only been able to charge him with misdemeanors. However, the laws were changed after Raymond Rios adopted a dog from Craigslist and sliced the dog’s stomach open with a box cutter in a Reno motel leading to its death. This led to Cooney’s Law being passed, which allows police to charge people accused of animal cruelty with felony counts.

Absolutely disgusting!

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