‘She was a vicious little monster’: friends warned widow found butchered in a suitcase NOT to take teenage daughter on vacation

‘She was a vicious little monster’: friends warned widow found butchered in a suitcase NOT to take teenage daughter on vacation

Friends of a widow beaten to death and stuffed in a suitcase at a Bali resort say they warned her not to take her troublesome teenage daughter along on the dream vacation.

Heather Mack mother in suitcase

The news comes as it emerged police had been called to victim Sheila von Wiese Mack’s suburban Chicago home some 86 times to break up fights between the wealthy academic and her daughter, Heather Mack, 19, a college drop out who was ‘hanging out with a bad crowd’ and had recently moved into a hotel. But Mrs Mack tracked down her daughter, and despite the fact she ‘barely recognized her anymore’ the two set off on the 10-day-plus trip to the other side of the globe, where the 62-year-old ultimately met a grisly end.

‘She tried to hope when it came [to Heather],’ Mr Bacharach told NBC News. ‘That was my friend’s most outstanding characteristic. At least four or five of us would say to kick her out. She was hanging out with a bad crowd. But Sheila always took her back. [Heather] could be as charming and self-effacingly sweet one minute, and then a vicious little monster the next.’

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On August 7, Ms Mack posted a picture of idyllic Bali, presumably from the window of the exclusive St. Regis Hotel in Nusa Dua where she was staying with her mom with the caption: ‘i refuse to let someone say what i can do, gettin (sic) money my attitude you know what it do #bali.’ Mrs Mack’s body turned up beaten and bruised, crammed into a suitcase that the young couple had left in the trunk of a cab before fleeing through the St. Regis’ rear exit.

The next day, the young couple were checking out and sent several suitcases down to a taxi, allegedly including the one that contained the victim. But instead of going down themselves, they crept out via a stretch of beach at the back of the hotel – an area covered by surveillance cameras. After waiting for two hours, the driver was advised by the hotel staff to report the matter to the police. It is believed that the suitcase was leaking blood by this point. He drove to Kuta Police Station, where officers opened the suitcase and found Mrs Mack’s body inside.

Mr Utomo said: ‘This is murder, and we will decide from our investigation whether it is premeditated or spontaneous.’

Local police chief Djoko Hari Utomo told reporters Ms Mack and Schaefer were arrested early this morning after they were found at another hotel several miles away, the policeman said.

There use to be a time where even degenerate youth would be afraid to talk back to or strike their parents because of the looming fear and respect they had for them. It’s a shame that we’ve come to the point where a barely adult can kill her mom, stuff her into a suitcase and then post happy cryptic messages on social media just minutes later. Who is at fault for creating such a child? Perhaps the victims inability to set and keep boundaries for an out of control girl… what a shame.

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