Give War Toys A Chance!

It has been brought to my attention that the libs at CodePink are encouraging people not to buy war toys for their kids for Christmas.

So we have pacifistic liberals acting like pacifistic liberals. There’s nothing surprising about that per se.

But these 2 suggestions on CodePink’s were really obnoxious:

Place “surgeon general-type” warning labels on war toys in the stores. Simple mailing labels that you can print off at home are perfect for this action.

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Get a bunch of friends to go with you to each buy a war toy, and then go back to the store later to return them. Create long complaint lines, showing other customers (and hopefully you’ve called the media) why war toys are bad.

Most of us learned not to touch other people’s things in pre-school. So, why is it that the clowns at CodePink think it’s OK to slap stickers on products in someone’s store? They should keep their grubby, liberal mitts off of other people’s stuff.

The whole staged media event in the return lines is ridiculous, too. You ever waited in line to return a product in a store around Christmas? Let’s just say you’re usually not in and out the store as it is. But these cretins want to deliberately foul up lines so they can try to get media attention. Hey, Code Pink: It’s not your store and the other people in line probably have real jobs and don’t want to have to waste an extra hour of their time waiting in line just because you want to publicly make jackasses of yourselves.

These CodePink moonbats are so annoying that I’d like to make a special plea to everyone out there: this year, buy your child a war toy!

How about a GI Joe for your kid? Better yet, what about Army men? They’re dirt cheap toys, but they provide hours and hours of amusement for your children and encourage them to use their imagination.

On the other hand, if your kid is a little older, how about a nice, violent video game? Kids love video games! But, what if you’re worried about your kid not getting enough fresh air? Then how about a BB gun? You can teach your child lessons about proper gun safety and get him all hyped up to own his own gun one day.

But, what about if your child is in his teens? Isn’t he too old for war toys? Nonsense! Not when there are games like paintball out there! It’s a little pricey to play paintball, but you get lots of exercise playing and there’s nothing quite like catching your opponents out in the open and cutting them down with a barrage of paintballs as they futilely try to run to cover.

Remember, folks, your children need to learn that there are rare, but appropriate, times for people — and nations — to use violence. So, why not buy them a war toy this year and let the learning begin!

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