House Democrat Steve Cohen Compares GOP Healthcare Opposition to Nazi Party’s ‘Big Lie’

Well, fancy that.

Now that Democrats and fever-swamp progressives have been hammered for their blame-righty campaign following Tucson, we’ll be hearing ObamaCare lackeys in Congress attacking GOP opposition as the “Big Lie.”

That’s sad, I gotta say. At Weasel Zippers, “Dem Congressman Compares GOP ObamaCare Claims to Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels, Lies About Jews That Led to Holocaust,” and The Hill, “Democratic Lawmaker Compares GOP Health Law Claims to Nazi ‘Lies’.”

And from Michelle, “Civility Watch: Nazis and Crosshairs and Killers, Oh My“:

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When is it hate speech to compare politicians to Nazis? Only when the accusers are Tea Party activists or Republicans. When it’s Democrats, just move along. Nothing to see or hear …

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