Were the “Missile Launch” and Cruise Ship Fire Last November Caused by Chinese Navy?

Was a crippling cruise ship “fire” and a mysterious “missile launch” late last year the work of a rogue Chinese Navy “sending a message” to President Barack Obama?

Carnival “Splendor”

We may get a clue this week, when the Carnival Splendor arrives in San Francisco for dry dock repairs.

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On November 8, the President was travelling in Asia and South Korea. He arrived to a contentious meeting with the Chinese at the G-20 summit the next day.

Journalist/author Jack Cashill makes a compelling case that China is behind both of the oceanic events, which occurred off the coast of San Diego within hours and a few hundred miles of each other.:  His article was published last November, but it deserves another reading now that the cruise ship’s damage is known to be “catastrophic” and:  repairs are about to begin.

The Missile Launch

The “missile launch” off California’s southern coast was spotted by a television news helicopter during sunset on November 8. Here was speculation at the time from the Russians.

Cruise Ship Engine Room is Suddenly Disabled

The Carnival Splendor cruise ship caught fire in its engine room near San Diego on Nov. 8 and lost its communication and propulsion abilities in the blaze. The ship drifted 150 miles south of San Diego without any way of getting to land, according to the U.S. Coast Guard.

No one was injured in the fire, but nearly 4,500 crew members and passengers remained at sea for three days. Coast Guard crews and others had to fly in food, water and medical assistance before the ship was tugged to San Diego.

It’s now due to arrive at San Francisco’s Pier 70 on Jan. 22 and will be dry docked, or taken out of the water, for engine repairs, Port of San Francisco spokeswoman Renee Martin said.

The ship will spend about four weeks on the city’s southern waterfront and should provide thousands of hours of work for local union workers, Martin said.

Writer Jack Cashill, who has published books on his investigations of air crashes such as TWA #800 in 1996, says the Chinese were trying to embarrass and warn President Obama.

President Obama wrapped up his Asian junket with a trip to the G-20 summit in Seoul.

There, as Bloomberg reports, Obama “attacked China’s policy of undervaluing its currency.” Continuing its military metaphors, Bloomberg adds that the gathering was “marked by clashes.” Not without its own ammunition, China “took aim at the Federal Reserve’s monetary easing.”

Had the Chinese wanted to use more than words to show their ability to strip America of its creature comforts, they could not have chosen a more symbolic way than an EMP– electromagnetic pulse–attack on, say, a cruise ship like the Splendor.

As it happens, the Splendor lost its power early Monday, November 8, some 44 miles offshore and roughly 200 miles south of San Diego. No media report that I could find questioned the official “fire in the engine room” explanation. It may even be true.

Later that same day, however, about 300 miles north, the news crew spotted the apparent missile launch. With the presumed missile launch might we have been saying, “You can take out your cruise ships, but we can take out your country?” Or might the Chinese have been saying, “We have you got you squarely in our crosshairs?”

“Andrew,” a retired U.S. Navy fire control technician platform-certified in the gun and missile systems on board Adams class guided missile destroyers, argues for the latter.

“What I saw in the recent video concerning the object 30 miles off the coast of CA,” contends Andrew, “is blatantly a foreign made, large Cruise or ICBM missile, being launched by a sub-surface aquatic platform.”

Andrew believes it is not one of ours because the vapor trail appears brownish or “dirty.” Says Andrew, “We put a lot of sweat and money into our ‘birds’ and part of that is the fuel cells. They burn very clean, a whitish-blue in fact, not a dirty blackish brown.”

Adds Andrew, “Any high-ranking expert who believes this is a condensation trail off of a commercial airliner is lying or stupid. I hope you hear from other Fire Control Techs who saw the same thing I did!”

Andrew also rules out the possibility that this was one of our missiles accidentally launched. A launch of a missile of this size–large Cruise or ICBM according to Andrew–requires at least five people all doing something specific at the right time.

Another example of how the Chinese play head games with the U.S. occurred during Defense Secretary Bob Gates’ just-concluded trip to China: : : a rogue video of the J-20 stealth fighter was suddenly leaked on several internet sites just before Gates arrived. The U.S. had no idea the high-tech plane was so far along in its development.[ See coverage of Gates’ Chinese trip here.]

Gates reviews color guard with China’s minister of Defense

We will have a better idea of: the: possible: “China link” when the Carnival Splendor is examined closely and repaired in San Francisco next week. If the U.S. military keeps the undercarriage and repair work cloaked when the ship is raised to dry-dock, we will have our answer, won’t we?

One final nagging suspicion: While the narrative quoted above mentioned “noone was injured” in the cruise ship’s incident, I have found this article which says, in fact, one crew member died in the “fire incident.” This report quotes the Carnival company saying the ship’s damage is catastrophic and more than $11 million in cruise business has been lost.

Carnival Splendor was hauled to San Diego after the engine fire

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