John Edwards Likes ‘Two Americas’ Only So He Can See Himself Twice

Like almost everything conservatives warned about Obama eventually bearing true, we were also right about John Edwards and: his propensity towards narcissism. Our only fault was that maybe we didn’t realize it was pathological and sociopathic in nature. The new book “Game Change” exposes the truth about John Edwards and his wife, Elizabeth. : “Game Change” is the same book that divulged Reid’s scholarship of “negro dialect”. : Speaking of which, I always thought that my best qualification is my “rich experience as a Wise Scottish-ina woman”. Turns out, it’s my lack of negro dialect. Thanks for informing me, Harry Reid!

As we all know, Reid isn’t the only delusional character in the Democrat party. John Edwards and his wife Elizabeth are not only delusional, but totally cuckoo pants. New York magazine has an extensive excerpt of the book and its revelations regarding the Edwardses. Please do read it in full; it’s schadenfreude-tastic! More importantly (though the pointing and snickering truly is very satisfying. Meow) it proves, once again, that conservatives and the new media were correct — and that the old school mainstream press is willing to cover up anything, even the most egregious, in order to protect and defend: not The Constitution, but the Democrat party.

A candidate whose aides were prepared to block him from becoming president. A wife whose virtuous image was a mirage. A mistress with a video camera. In an excerpt from the new book: Game Change–their sweeping account of the 2008 campaign–the authors reveal that, inside the Edwards triangle, nothing was too crazy to be true.

The above tease actually bears out and fully satisfies, which is a rarity (am I right, ladies?) : One of the money quotes from the full article involves John Edwards screaming at an aide “Couldn’t you have come to me like a man and told me to stop having ‘sexual relations with that woman’ “? I won’t divulge it verbatim here, but, suffice it to say, he asked in slightly more naughty terms. Clinton may not have understood what the meaning of “is” is, but Edwards doesn’t know what “responsible for your OWN actions” means. Nor does he know that you shouldn’t need: to be told to keep your pants zipped. I suppose that’s what happens when you truly believe that the world revolves around you.

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The denizens of the valley of staff were astonished by the narcissism that had infused their candidate. But for a long time, they continued slaving in the service of the illusion at the core of Edwards’s political appeal: that he remained the same humble, aw-shucks son of a mill worker he’d always been. The cognitive dissonance was enormous, sure, but they were used to that. Because for years they’d been living with an: even bigger lie–the lie of Saint Elizabeth.

While tidbits like the above about the Edwardses and their personalities are intriguing (and Elizabeth is not a very nice person. I’m sorry she has cancer, but that needn’t give you a pass to act like an utter ass and to treat subordinates like garbage) the part that bothered me the most was the Press’ collusion with the Democrats. If only the Press had acted like, you know, journalists, it may have saved us all from the endless Two Americas spiel and the constant hair flips.: Not to mention, it could have spared us that whole Obama being elected deal.

I was also bothered, but not surprised, by the fact that no one in John Edwards’ circle cared that he was a sociopath; they were still working for him, and were working toward the goal of Edwards becoming The President of the United States! It was only after they were backed into a corner and Edwards had not one chance left of winning that they decided to cut ties with him. That’s how the Democrats operate, though. They honestly don’t care what kind of person a candidate is; they only care if he or she can win. Sociopath? Drunken Vehicular Manslaughter-er? Meh. As long as you score us some sweet liberal policy, it’s all good.

I do feel vindicated in one sense. During the Democrat primaries, in one of the debates, Edwards did something that actually made me: sit back and take notice, for once. Edwards had appeared to doze off when asked “Who is your moral leader?” There was a full 12 seconds of painful and rather embarrassing silence, after which he managed to squeak out “uh — my lord?” along with another pause followed by “Oh yeah, my wife too.” At the time, I wondered why that was such a difficult question for anyone.

Now, I finally know why. It’s hard to have a moral leader when you are lacking in morals altogether.

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