Nanny Bloomberg’s Bureaucratic Flank Attack on Liberty

The FOIA proves its usefulness once again, we’ve discussed Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG) organization before, but we now know a lot more about their strategy thanks to FOIA and some hardworking Second Amendment activists.:  A few months back, the WaPo reported that Bloomberg’s group sent a 40 point blueprint to increase gun control to the ATF and members of Obama’s administration.: :  The blueprint was not released to the public…until it was obtained with a FOIA request, here’s a copy of the blueprint (pdf).:  Read through it, you’ll see that a lot of what they’re proposing doesn’t need congressional approval, many are bureaucratic procedural changes that can be implemented at any time.

Sebastian and Bitter at Snowflakes in Hell are doing amazing work in reporting what it is Nanny Bloomberg and his authoritarian harem of mayors are doing, and put together a good summary of some of the worst proposals.:  Read it, this is some truly scary stuff.:  As Sebastian says, when you read the blueprint in full, you know immediately that whoever was helping put together this blueprint has intimate knowledge of how the ATF and other federal agencies operate and enforce gun laws, and knows what kind of things to implement to restrict gun ownership in the US and generally harass gun owners and potential gun owners.

As reckless and out of control as DC is right now, we need to be very wary of efforts to encourage authoritarian behavior from our federal agencies, bureaucrats and Congress.:  Bloomberg and his group are making serious moves to try and undermine our ability to utilize our natural rights in this nation, and he’s using some very underhanded methods to achieve that.: :  The threat that MAIG and Bloomberg pose to American liberty need to be taken very seriously.

You can read more of doubleplusundead’s demented scribblings here, he also recommends you follow Snowflakes in Hell for news on MAIG.

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