Legal Immigrants Protest Judge Who Asked DHS To Send 2,000 Illegal Aliens to Dallas for Shelter

Legal Immigrants Protest Judge Who Asked DHS To Send 2,000 Illegal Aliens to Dallas for Shelter

About 30 people, some legal immigrants, took to a quiet Highland Park neighborhood near Dallas, Texas to protest a Democrat judge who lived there. The judge, Clay Jenkins, is encouraging the Department of Homeland Security to drop a couple thousand illegal alien kids off in Dallas. Locals were not amused:


Breitbart Texas: first: reported: that Jenkins announced this push to bring unaccompanied alien minors up to Dallas at the Texas state Democratic Convention on June 29: when the judge “apparently ‘reached out’ to the Department of Homeland Security and offered Dallas as a location for migrant facilities.”

Villarreal, the Texas state leader of Overpasses for America Texas state leader, previously coordinated: two days of protests against Jenkins: on July 18-19 in downtown Dallas and on overpasses throughout the state.

The group stood in front of Jenkins house for some time before walking: quietly through the very upscale Highland Park neighborhood, holding American flags and homemade signs, some of which: read “Secure the Border,” “American Rights are for Americans Only,” “No Amnesty for Illegals,” “What about our children?”, “I support legal immigration, not illegal immigration,” and “Vote out Jenkins.”

One protester’s sign read: “Don’t like large groups of uninvited strangers in the neighborhood? Neither will others.” That was the point of the rally.

“How does it feel to have other people invade your community,” Q Carbonero posited. He told: Breitbart Texas: that he was: quite sensitive to taking the fight, even if only symbolically, to the sidewalk in front of Jenkins’ residence.

Carbonero, who is affiliated with the Rally Force, a nonpartisan organization that supports a: wide variety of liberty-leaning causes,: is a strong supporter of legal immigration. He fled Castro’s Cuba in 1960 to embark on the lengthy pathway to American citizenship.

Carbonero wasn’t the only legal immigrant there:

Flower Mound resident Soon Toh told: Breitbart Texas: that he came: out in: support of legal immigration. He said he was Malaysian-Chinese by birth, and American by choice, completing the citizenship process in the early 1980’s.

There is a path to citizenship. : We just need to enforce it.

Good on these folks for taking action. : We need more like them.

Read the whole thing here.

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