Obama IRS Teaming Up with Hateful Atheists in New Attack on Christianity

Obama IRS Teaming Up with Hateful Atheists in New Attack on Christianity

Atheists hate Christians and will create any campaign to destroy Christians. The hypocrisy of atheists attacking some churches for any hint of political voice while ignoring the many churches that Obama used as a pulpit to win votes in the name of Jesus is typical. The Obama IRS is teaming up with an atheist legal group, the Freedom from Religion Foundation (FRFF), to monitor and investigate political activity of churches.

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According to Christianity Today, in the suite, FRFF “alleged that the IRS failed to have a policy in place for investigating political activity at tax-exempt churches and religious organizations, nor did the agency enforce its 501(c)(3) codes against electioneering.” At the heart of the atheists complaint and demand for investigations and sanctions is ‘Pulpit Freedom Sunday,’ an event organized by the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF). On this day, which is set to occur next on October 5, pastors endorse political candidates from the pulpit. In 2008, 1600 churches participated in the event.

In a press release, FFRF co-president Annie Laurie Gaylor said, “This is a victory, and we’re pleased with this development in which the IRS has proved to our satisfaction that it now has in place a protocol to enforce its own anti-electioneering provisions.

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There was no mention in the complaint or lawsuit by the FFRF of Barack Obama reaching out to churches, many of them black churches, to sell Obamacare. There was also no mention of Michelle Obama preaching before the African Methodist Episcopal Church during which, as she urged attendees to vote, by likening that action to the actions of Jesus.

Despite this new relationship in the targeting of Christianity by the Obama IRS and atheists, the ADF said that Pulpit Freedom Sunday would be held as planned on October 5.

Based on the IRS track record we can already guess that churches that help Republicans will be the target of such investigations and Obama’s crony churches will be passed over like the Passover angel of death.

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