Maureen Dowd Is The Most Influential Columnist Of Our Time?

After being savaged by frothing at the mouth feminist Susan Estrich, Michael Kinsley was apparently intimidated enough to make this blockheaded statement:

“But (Maureen) Dowd is different, and she is the most influential columnist of our time.”

Maureen Dowd? She’s not even the most influential writer at the NEW YORK TIMES. Like them or not, at a minimum, Krugman & Friedman have had far more of an impact than a lightweight like Dowd who’s really little more than a female version of Mark Morford.

Heck, how can Dowd be influential given that her whole schtick is little more than free floating snark and…hey, wait a second, that’s it! Maybe Kinsley is saying Dowd is influential on the left exactly precisely because she has nothing of importance to say. Perhaps in a world where John Kerry can run an entire campaign based on having served in Vietnam 35 years ago & not being President Bush , Maureen Dowd may be having a larger impact that any of us ever truly realized — except for Michael Kinsley…

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