Miley Cyrus twerks Santa: Act is getting old

Miley Cyrus twerks Santa: Act is getting old

Cyrus at the JingleBall


It’s funny to hear celeb heads talk about Miey Cyrus and describe her as some sort of genius for the outrageous antics she performs to attract attention.The problem is that Miley is supposed to be attracting attract attention for her singing, not acting like a rent-a-slut.: : : : 

Do you see Carrie Underwood or Alicia Keys shaking their behinds in a man’s crotch to get noticed?No.Singing a song is enough for them and they get plenty of attention because they’re both mega-talents.

Cyrus used to be on the same track before she joined the bimbo patrol by way of Marijuana Avenue.Have you heard her voice lately?It’s sounds deeper than Barry White and coming from a woman, it’s not a compliment.

But, Miley is still young enough to keep herself from slouching over.Try just singing!

Originally posted at The Last Tradition

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