MSM, Left Attempting to “Birtherize” the Tea Party Movement

In the past few weeks we have seen much more concentrated coverage of the tea partiers than I’m sure the Left can stomach and frankly, would love to wish away. The obsessive coverage of the tea party movement is clearly timed, organized, and coordinated in its execution and proves very interesting. Let me explain.

It seems most MSM outlets now cannot stop talking about the tea partiers. The grassroots movement went from no coverage, to minimal coverage, to the front page. Why? Is it because the MSM all of a sudden realizes there were huge marches on Washington and throughout the country? Of course, not.

The media coverage was virtually non-existent when an estimated 1.2 million people showed up in DC last September. Even Robert Gibbs said he was unaware of the mega-march. Remember, the media actually tried to say the huge crowd was for Ted Kennedy’s funeral procession and continually lied about the attendance numbers.

So now why all of the interest in the tea partiers?

The administration, in tandem with the MSM and the Left, is attempting “birtherize” the tea party movement in order to discredit it from the mainstream. They turn to the MSM to execute the classic Alinsky Rule 13 to pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it and Alinsky Rule 5 to use ridicule man’s most potent weapon.

In addition, to “birtherize” something is to relentlessly pursue a movement to the point of shame if you become a part of it. This is similar to a person being “Palinized,” but that specifically refers to the MSM and Left’s malicious, destructive, defamatory, and slanderous assault on an individual and their family.

To explore this a bit further, let’s look at birtherism. Birthers actually started on the Left with the questioning the birthplace of John McCain and him qualifying as a natural born citizen. This article outlines the press coverage of the McCain birther issue quite well. The Senate even passed a resolution affirming McCain was a natural born citizen. But, there was no branding of the Left’s inquiries as being loony, unprecedented, crazy, and delusional. They had legitimate concerns, which the Senate dealt with.

Even though Obama did publish an electronic copy of a short form certificate, he still did not release the long-form certificate like McCain did. The double standard led to the conspiracy theories that continue to morph and smolder. And Obama sealing all of his personal information further fanned the flames of these theories.

In addition, due to the great lengths and expense Obama has gone to keep the information from being released, coupled with his first executive order signed (on January 21, 2009–his first full day in office) further sealing past, present, and incumbent presidential records, most logical people would come to the conclusion that Obama was indeed hiding something. You could even say that the birthers were and are using Alinsky Rule 4 against Obama–make the enemy live up to its own set of rules. Enter, more conspiracy theories and the subsequent attack on the Left-branded birthers.

Now, I don’t want to make this a birther issue. I’m just stating some detailed background information to make my point. The MSM continually ignored the Obama birth certificate story–unlike the McCain birther story. Were they afraid of what they would find on their beloved candidate? After all, we are talking about a media that can spot a new ring on Jennifer Aniston’s finger from afar.

After almost a year of silence on the Obama birth certificate issue, the MSM finally broke. So why the sudden 180 on the issue? There was story after story, interview after interview. So much press coverage, but why, especially after so much silence.

The answer is because the birther movement had traction and momentum that the administration, MSM, and Left had to contain through a coordinated Alinsky-style attack using Rules 5 and 13–quite effectively. The overall target was the movement, but they effectively personalized it by making Orly Taitz the face of the movement.

Now, if you mention the issue you are labeled a freak and mocked by people on both sides of the aisle. I’d have to say mission accomplished and all within a couple of weeks. Talk about efficient and successful.

Now, we look at the same MSM breaking point with the tea party movement. The MSM tried to smother the movement last summer at the town hall meetings, but that didn’t work. Now, the MSM and Left are in full attack mode; they have no option but to confront and tear down this movement through any means. They continue to cover the tea partiers as far-right violent activists–to no avail–so expect the attacks to continue for some time. They are manufacturing stories, which are easily debunked. It seems anyone who has ever raised their voice in public are violent tea partiers. If you are white, you are labeled a racist; if you dissent, you are un-American. Activists on the Left are now suggesting the tea partiers be sent to camps–would those camps be reeducation, concentration, or labor camps?

The Obama administration, MSM, and Left are forced to deal with the tea partiers; even Obama is trying to tie the tea partiers with the birthers. But, you see, the tea partiers are different than the birthers. The tea partiers are Americans from all walks of life. They are freedom-loving people who love their country and now recognize the lies told by Obama during his campaign and see clearly the threat of this radical path this country is on and the absolute intention to ignore the will of the American people.

Only now are the Democrats freely talking about socialism, wealth redistribution/maldistribution, and their socialistic agenda has been unmasked. And Americans who aren’t buying into the bankrupting and destructive policies of Obama and Pelosi are branded as un-American. Really?

Americans are inherently very protective of their rights, liberties, and Constitution and any encroachment of those will be met with a huge pushback. Americans embrace their exceptionalism and it is because of our freedom that we can be exceptional.

Unlike the birthers, whose cause has now become synonomous with conspiracy theories and unexplained obstruction by Obama himself, the tea party movement is rooted in the very principles this country was founded. It is going to be very difficult for the MSM to smear and besmirch this movement through ridicule, manufactered stories, racism, and projecting the false good will of the Democrats and the Left.

The MSM will not let up on a hard and constant smear campaign of the tea partiers for the next several months in light of the upcoming November elections. However, they underestimate American’s love of freedom and victory and they cannot identify with the real faces of the tea party movement–Americans.

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