MSNBC’s Joy-Ann Reid: Why Are Conservatives Racializing Christopher Lane Shooting?

MSNBC’s Joy-Ann Reid: Why Are Conservatives Racializing Christopher Lane Shooting?

Joy is a cutie, but there isn’t much going on in her cranium.

Joy_Reid-whtbgThe National Review reports MSNBC guest host Joy-Ann Reid wonders why conservatives were focusing on the racial elements of the shooting of Australian baseball player Christopher Lane.

“You’ve already started to see people on the right try to do exactly what Brian [Beutler] was saying: Tally it up on the basis of race,” Reid said yesterday. She accused the “Right [of] directly trying to bait the president on race on this situation,” singling out former Republican congressman Allen West’s tweet and Fox News’ reporter Ed Henry’s question on Wednesday asking for a comment on the shooting from the Obama administration.

“Why do they seem so determined to also make it racial?” Reid later asked. She denied that Lane’s death was comparable to Trayvon Martin’s, which she claimed was racially motivated; the Chicago Tribune’s Clarence Page agreed, saying comparisons to Martin’s case “[do] not apply.”

Throughout the George Zimmerman case and after his acquittal last month, several MSNBC personalities and contributors continued to say that Zimmerman’s shooting of Martin was racially motivated, despite the jury’s not-guilty murder verdict and a federal investigation found no evidence of racial bias.

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Progressives are the most racially obsessed people on the planet. Everything they see is measured through a racial prism. So much so they converted a Latino community watch volunteer, George Zimmerman, into a “white guy” to fulfill their political agenda of stirring the “racism pot”. I think Joy understand this and she’s just getting her explain away dance on.
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