New Jersey Democrats don’t mind a Chris Christie reelection: Why should they? He’s a fake GOPer

New Jersey Democrats don’t mind a Chris Christie reelection: Why should they? He’s a fake GOPer

When Chris Christie won election to the New Jersey governorship in 2009, he served as a useful blunt against the election of President Barack Obama.But, after the dust settled the reality was that Christie is just another blue state Republican.

Translation-a Liberal who puts an R in the back of his name for political expediency.

The media loves Christie which usually is the first sign they think he’s one of their own.So get ready to read media claims that Christie is the “most electable” Republican in God’s creation.Sound familiar?: : : 

Politico reports New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has made little secret that he wants a resounding win in his reelection this year as a show of strength for his all-but-assumed 2016 presidential candidacy.chrisitie

And Democrats appear perfectly willing to comply.

The Republican governor’s election offered an obvious opening for Democrats to try and knock the GOP’s most popular 2016 prospect down a few pegs with a barrage of negative ads before he launches his White House run. But they’ve largely taken a pass, deciding their money is better spent elsewhere or that there are more inviting targets at the moment than a Republican who embraced President Barack Obama last year in a time of need.

Despite Democrats’ built-in advantages in decisively blue New Jersey, Christie is poised to trounce his little-known rival, Democratic state Sen. Barbara Buono, in November. And from there he can proceed with his longer-term plan to grab the chairmanship of the National Governors Association and use it as a platform for his 2016 ambitions.

“There are some Democrats who want to slow Christie down, and others who don’t want to slow Christie down,” said Democratic strategist Hank Sheinkopf. “What [national Democrats are] thinking is, why get in front of a tank? The tank will do whatever it does, and we’ll still be here

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I don’t see why any Democrat in New Jersey would have an problem with Chris Christie considering he’s to the left of John Kerry on the Liberal scale.Despite what the corrupt media may say about Christie being the most popular Republican in the country, he’s the least popular among conservatives.That’s a pretty large hurdle for him to overcome to get the GOP nod for prez in 2016.

I think he’s got no shot.But, the media needs to write about something.

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