Grist: “Climate Change” Creating Bigger, Badder Hurricanes

Apparently they’re stealth hurricanes, since the US mainland has not been hit by a major hurricane since October 24, 2005

(Hurricane enable: How climate change is mixing up bigger, badder storms )

Global warming and hurricanes are like Bourbon Street and Hurricanes: The farther down the road you go, the more intense they get.

Buy your Hurricanes at the Hard Rock Café, and you can probably make it through a third before you’ve dimmed enough to believe the Republican talking points on climate change. But by the time you get to The Marigny, they’re making those things with three kinds of rum, a half-gallon of rocket fuel, and the soul of an angry leprechaun.

Most climate models predict the same thing with storms: The more we stray from the climate norm, the stronger the hurricanes become. Which makes a lot of sense when you look at how these tempests work.

Those same models have failed spectacularly.

But will hurricanes find our new climate so likeable that they not only become stronger, but more frequent as well? Here, the science is unsettled. One recent model by Kerry Emanuel of MIT makes some worst-case assumptions and predicts hurricanes getting stronger and more frequent. The majority of climate models, however, predict we won’t see more hurricanes – they’ll just get a hell of a lot worse.

Judith Curry discusses this over at NPR, in terms of the big report that stated that 2005, a big, big hurricane year, would be the new norm

Curry actually entered the public eye in 2005, with a paper in Science magazine warning that hurricanes were likely to become more intense as a result of climate change. But in the years since then, she’s soured on the scientific consensus about climate change. Her mantra now is, “We just don’t know.” (snip)

Curry says her 2005 hurricanes paper “generated a lot of media attention which we were ill-prepared to deal with,” she says. “We were being attacked by the anti-global-warming crowd as well as a large number of people in the hurricane community who thought this was natural variability.”

Curry learned quite a bit over that situation, and she decided to dive in and engage with more than just the True Believers, and now wonders how much is anthropogenic and how much is natural variability. After that paper was published, hurricane landfalls dropped off precipitously. So then Warmists said, as the Grist article notes in a disingenuous way, there won’t be more hurricanes, they’ll just be stronger. Which is false, according to actual data, as opposed to “computer models”. A warmer atmospher should actually cause fewer and weaker. We’ve actually seen some of the worst activity over the past 150 years during early parts of pauses and during slight cooling (late 40’s to late 70’s).

But, Warmists have to keep up the scary stories for their cult. Even making it up, like Gore did with his “category 6” yap yap, for which he was smacked around by science and reality.

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