Progressives led by Openly Gay Christine Quinn and NYC City Council overrides Mayor Bloomberg’s vetoes on NYPD stop-and-frisk imperils the lives of New Yorkers

Progressives led by Openly Gay Christine Quinn and NYC City Council overrides Mayor Bloomberg’s vetoes on NYPD stop-and-frisk imperils the lives of New Yorkers

When they write the story of what happened to what used to be the safest big city in the United States, the answer will be, “Liberals!”

In a disgusting display of election year politics and despite empirical evidence in Chicago, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Detroit that proves progressives are soft on crime; the Liberal members on the New York City Council stuck their collective fingers in the eyes of all New Yorkers and voted for a measure that will make the city less safe.

These hypocrites who live in the safest parts of town only care about getting votes from the very blacks and Hispanics that will suffer the most as a result of this shameless display of pandering to the least educated group in New York.: : 

Of course this too is by design since these same progressives control the failing school system that produces the kind of voter the Democrat Party needs to maintain power!: : 

It’s wickedness incarnate and it’s sad for the city!

New York Post reports a furious election-year battle over modifying the NYPD’s quinncontroversial stop-and-frisk policy culminated in a stinging defeat yesterday for Mayor Bloomberg, who warned that “minority communities across our city” would end up the biggest losers.

After more than two hours of heated – and sometimes tearful – debate, the City Council overrode the mayor’s vetoes of two bills aimed at containing the longtime practice.

Both measures – which include an inspector general with the power to oversee the Police Department – will become law in 90 days.

Seeing no legal route to stopping the IG, the mayor threw up his hands on possible court action.

But Bloomberg vowed a fight to the finish to block the second bill, which expands the right of people to sue for alleged racial profiling.

He said he would ask the courts to intervene in that case “before innocent people are gunharmed.”

The council’s 39-10 override vote to create an IG within the city’s Department of Investigation to monitor cops was a foregone conclusion.

The administration hoped to pick off one or more council members to head off the second override of the bill allowing victims of racial profiling to sue in state court, as well as federal court.

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If both these laws go into effect it will reduce police officers to becoming potted plants.Cops won’t bother to stick their necks out for fear of being sued.Criminals and other lowlifes won’t leave their guns at home but take them to the streets.More guns on the streets will result in more shots fired.And who will die?Take a good guess!: : 

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