Obama Bows to Chinese Communist; Disrespects Other Leaders

Obama Bows to Chinese Communist; Disrespects Other Leaders

Every day is an adventure in the Obama-nation. On Monday, the United States opened the nuclear summit with almost 50 participating countries with President Obama greeting each country’s leader. Obama, as seen in these photos (scroll through them to see the other greetings), extended a very warm welcome–especially to Communist Chinese President Hu Jintao–to whom he bowed.

Now before all you lefties get in an uproar, I’d like to go through my points. The Left says it is a sign of respect when Obama bows to foreign leaders.

Well, then wouldn’t it be disrespectful for Obama to bow to some leaders and not the others? Really, wouldn’t it only be fair and just for him to treat everyone equally. Isn’t that what the Left is all about–fairness and treating everyone the same?

What do those other leaders think when they didn’t get the Obama bow?:  Did they think or feel like Obama doesn’t respect their country or people enough to give the same bow to them?

Or, does Obama have a certain reverence towards the Communist president?

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