Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher’s Smear on the Tea Party Movement

Ok, I’ve had it with the left and the media trying to paint the Tea Party as racist. I know it kills you guys that we aren’t racist, but we are not.

There hundreds of thousands of us. Are there a few kooks in the mix? Sure. Just as there are in the Democratic party and anywhere else there are hundreds of thousands of people.

First we had to fight the media’s smear that tea partiers had called black Congressmen the “N” word 15 times during the protest over the Health Care Bill, even though all evidence said otherwise, and the fact that NONE of the black Congressmen actually heard it at all. But you would never know that in reading the stories about it.

Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher is the latest to smear with a column so full of lies and half truths I can barely stand it. A gubernatorial candidate in NY who self claimed he was a “tea party leaner” is suddenly “NY Tea Party Gubernatorial Candidate” in the headline. And who decided that? Our Tea Party leader? Oh wait. We don’t have one. No one speaks for us. This is a MOVEMENT, not a political party. Maybe someone could inform Tommy Christopher of that fact. Does Christopher imagine that ANYONE in the tea party movement would defend such e-mails??? Of course he doesn’t. He knows we wouldn’t. We condemn them completely even though they have nothing to do with us whatsoever.

Sorry Tommy, these are “isolated incidents.” And this gubernatorial candidate has NOTHING to do with the tea party.

If the tea party has this “racial baggage” then why are we so fired up for Col. Allen West’s candidacy? Why are so many of our speakers at tea parties across the country black? Maybe you should inform Kevin Jackson, Claver Kamau-Imani, Natalie Arceneauxe about all our racist tendencies since they are in such danger speaking to us. Gee, I guess we must not realize they are black while we are cheering them on at all the tea parties.

We get that liberals are starting to get real nervous about the tea parties. Especially when recent polls show almost half of tea partiers are independents and Democrats. But this kind of smear is beyond the pale.

I have actually met Tommy Christopher. He seemed nice, but it’s clear that he is just another hate filled liberal determined to spin, lie, and smear perfectly good people just to score a few points with his fellow liberals in print.

It’s despicable. Shame on you, Tommy.

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