Obama To Blame Others For Gas Prices Thursday

While attempting to toot his own horn

(Bloomberg) President Barack Obama will try to head off the political impact of rising gasoline prices as Republicans vow to make the price at the pump an issue in the 2012 election campaign.

Obama plans events this week focusing on his administration’s efforts to expand domestic exploration and development of alternative energy sources to combat cyclical spikes in gas prices.

He’s going to blame China, Iran, speculators, people who fail yo properly inflate their tires and get tune ups, anybody but himself.

The White House press secretary, Jay Carney, came to his daily press briefing armed with statistics about domestic exploration and said Obama favors various forms of energy, including higher fuel-efficiency standards, nuclear reactor development and alternative energy research.

He will discuss the steps his administration has taken to increase domestic production of oil and natural gas, raise fuel efficiency standards and promote new construction of nuclear facilities, officials said.

How’s that worked so far? Much like the unemployment rate, the US has had sustained high gas and energy prices throughout Obama’s time as emperor, er, president. And the rates continue to rise.

This will be a purely political speech, one in which Obama ducks all responsibility, and one in which he provides no true solutions. The phrase you’ll be hearing in your head is “suck it up, buttercup. Buy a Volt.” Because energy just magically appears from unicorn farts in Obama World. And one in which the taxpayers pay for his gas for the 17 car motorcades and unnecessary fossil fueled flights to campaign events and vacation spots.

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