This Is All That Matters To Me

You might have wondered why I haven’t had too much to say about the Republican primary so far. One of the reasons is, as I’ve said from the beginning, Mitt Romney will get this nomination, and all this we are watching is political fluff and drama. I have been amazed at the amount of crazy hate rained down on Rick Santorum for simply expressing his faith. It reminds me of what the left and media did to Sarah Palin. Nothing brings that hate out more than a candidate who actually seems to honestly believe in the Christian faith. I guess I shouldn’t have been amazed at all.

I’ll be honest here. I’m not thrilled with any of the candidates. There are others I wish were running. There are others I wish were President. But it doesn’t matter. Mitt Romney with all his flip flops, Rick Santorum with his deeply held religious beliefs, Newt Gingrich with his horrendous past, and Ron Paul with his 80% right, and 20% crazy, they are ALL 100% better qualified to be President than Pres. Obama. They are all 100% better for our country than Pres. Obama. Why? For one simple reason. They all believe in our Constitution, and Pres. Obama does not. Obama sees our Constitution as something that can be ignored, re-interpreted and twisted, with unseen rights, and old fashion ideas.

Pres. Obama pretends to be something that he is not. He pretends he doesn’t want what he really does want. He wants a universal health care system based on European models. He wants reduced military and nuclear power. He wants unfettered, unrestricted abortion for any reason. He wants gay marriage. He wants unprecedented restrictions on all guns, and gun ownership. He wants sky high gasoline prices. He hates the oil industry. He wants us all to drive the electric cars he wants. He wants all women to have free birth control and abortion, because that it how we can keep the unwashed masses from producing too many children (also known as “being punished with a baby”). He wants to raise taxes on everyone who is not low income. He knows he can tax them in other ways, like through gas and cigarettes. He wants to raise taxes on all corporations and small businesses. He wants to expand entitlement programs. He wants to grow government even more. He wants amnesty for illegal immigrants. Oh, you won’t hear these things in his re-election campaign brochures because he knows he can’t get re-elected with his true beliefs. But you might want to keep in mind that if he is re-elected, he won’t have that burden keeping him from what he truly believes in.

I know we usually dance around these types of things. But I just didn’t feel like dancing today.

You who still think that Pres. Obama is just a regular Democrat, like Bill Clinton or John Kerry, will try to argue these points with me, but we all know in our hearts that all that I have written is true.

And this is why all of our Republican nominees are 100% better than Pres. Obama to serve this country as it’s leader. To me, arguing the nuances of the GOP candidate’s virtues or vices, is a waste of time. These men, these candidates in the Republican primary, believe in our Constitution.

And THAT is all that matters to me.

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