One Week

We only have a week to go until elections. If you are wondering about our (GOP) chances in Congress, I think Charlie Cook does a good job of predicting. In the Senate, Cook puts the “over-under” at eight seats. We can hope for more, but that’s at the very least what I think we will get. I tend to come down on the side of caution. If we get more than eight, I’ll open the champagne.

In the House, Cook thinks we can at least match the 52-seat gain on Election Night in 1994, if not pick up many more. If we pick up 60 or more, I think we should be dancing in the streets.

There are also 37 states holding governors races in a week. Big ones to watch:

California: Former eBay chief executive Republican Meg Whitman against Democrat State Attorney General Jerry Brown. If California is stupid enough to elect Jerry Brown again, it deserves what it gets. California is drowning, and electing Brown would be like throwing a bowling ball instead of a life raft to California.

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Florida: This is close. Really close. Democrat Alex Sink, the state’s chief financial officer, against former health-care CEO Republican Rick Scott. Florida is just always important for many reasons. It would be a big shot in the arm for us to win it.

Ohio: Democrat Gov. Ted Strickland Strickland, against Republican and former Congressman John Kasich. Ohio has lost hundreds of thousands of jobs over the past four years. Strickland is very popular, but the race is very close. Let’s hope Kasich can bring us a victory.

Pennsylvania: Republican state Attorney General Tom Corbett is polling ahead of Democrat Allegheny County Executive Dan Onorato. Losing a congressional seat AND the Governorship would be a big blow to the Democrats and it would bode well for us in 2012.

My own Texas: Democrat and former Houston mayor Bill White against Republican Gov. Rick Perry. Texas is set to gain four congressional seats, more than any other state. If Perry wins, and I have no doubt he will, it will be a big red state victory for Texas all around.

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