Paul Ryan’s State of the Union rebuttal: the easiest speech ever written?

I’m thinking a big wide ol’ grin, a subtle shake of the head, and the sentence: “Is he serious?”

Okay, fine, it’ll probably be longer (and more policy-wonkish) than that. I’m just saying. You could just laugh for a minute and tell America how “that guy just cracks me up.”

Note to Paul Ryan’s staff: if you want him to appear more serious than I would, don’t – do not – have him read this Wisconsin Democratic Party press release.

WisDems: Paul Ryan and the State of the Union Address

MADISON-Following is the statement of Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate following news that Paul Ryan will deliver the Republican rebuttal to the State of the Union Address.

“The radical proposals in Paul Ryan’s “Roadmap to Ruin” stand in stark contrast to the goals President Obama will present for our nation.

As do the voters.

The vast majority of Americans support preserving social safety nets…

…even when they’re leading to bankruptcy…

…expanding educational opportunities for our children to be successful in the growing global economy…

…school choice, vouchers, charter schools…

…and ensuring access to affordable health care for all…

…after a sufficient waiting period of…oh, let’s call it six months, give or take three months…

…none of which are offered in Ryan’s “Roadmap.”

Note: Ryan’s “Roadmap” does not provide every American with a pony, either.

“I hope Paul Ryan takes this opportunity to offer up some concrete ideas that work to solve our economic crisis without relying on slashing Medicare and Medicaid, heaping the tax burden on working families and endangering the retirement investments of millions of Americans.”

Who does Tate think Rep. Ryan is? President Obama?

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