Ron Paul at CPAC

I’m hardly a fan of Ron Paul, but no doubt he’s a top CPAC newsmaker.

The Hill has a report, “Ron Paul slams Patriot Act, backers drown out jeers at conference.” And the big theme at USA Today, “Ron Paul: U.S. ‘propped up’ Mubarak in Egypt.” (Via Memeorandum.)

In any case, listen to it. The guy’s a crank, IMHO. And from the comments at Gateway Pundit:

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When will this guy just go away? His looney followers are what make me hate the guy. They are worse than Obamabots.

Well, his loony followers make it easier to hate the guy, but Ron Paul’s a clown all by himself.

BONUS: More coverage, with a lovely photograph of Mary Katharine and myself: “Mary Katharine Ham Covers Mitch Daniels’ Speech at CPAC.”

More hot coverage throughout the night …

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