Good News, Libs! You’ve Made California The Most Miserable State In The USA

I know, I know, you’re shocked by the Forbes report via the BBC

A new survey of the “most miserable cities” in the US suggests that five of the 10 worst are in California. The BBC’s Peter Bowes considers whether life in the Golden State has really got that bad.

For many people, life should be much better than it is, and a new survey by Forbes magazine concludes that “the Golden State has never looked less golden”.

The region is at the epicentre of the foreclosure – or repossession – crisis, unemployment is way above the national average and high taxes are crippling business.

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“If they can divorce themselves emotionally and psychologically from their problems, everyone seems pretty happy”

As a result, eight out of 20 spots on the publication’s annual list of America’s Most Miserable Cities are in California.

The ranking takes into account a range of factors – including the economy, crime levels, the climate and social factors, such as how the local sports teams are doing.

Stockton, Ca is ranked the worst, with Ca. cities also ranking 3, 4, 5, 9, 17, 18, and 20.: 

Surprisingly, Detroit ranks 15th. You’d think it would be higher, but, I guess the Red Wings save them a bit.

Obama’s hometown of Chicago hits #7, while D.C. ranks 16. Miami is #2. The only somewhat right leaning city on the list is Memphis, at #6.

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