Why Is Sarah Palin Dissing Conservative Media?

Associated Press was provided with an advance copy of Sarah Palin’s new book, Going Rogue, so they get the scoop on its contents.

I attempted to get an advance copy of Palin’s book. No dice. Embargoed. “Under lock and key,” I was told.

So the American Spectator doesn’t get the scoop. Neither does National Review, nor the Weekly Standard, Human Events, et cetera. (Hey, welcome to the New Media Age: They could have given the scoop to Right Wing News, Red State or Conservatives for Palin.)

Oh, and when it comes to the big TV interview, it’s Oprah who “gets the get,” not Michelle Malkin.

Being a conservative journalist means that not only do your liberal peers in the MSM treat you like crap, but Republican politicians do, too. What mystifies me is why other conservative journalists don’t complain about getting second-rate treatment from GOP big shots.

Sarah Palin suffered so much last year because she was advised by the usual “media strategists,” including the self-serving Nicolle Wallace, a torpedo from Team Bush. And yet she allows the P.R. geniuses at Harper Collins to pick and choose their favorites in the media roll-out.

Look, Governor: I know you’re under contract, but if you’re going to call your book Going Rogue, how about a little “rogue” action on the media strategy?

(Cross-posted at The Other McCain.)

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