Aussie Warrier, MIA In Afghanistan For A Year, Found Safe

Here’s your feel good story to end the work week

A BRAVE young Aussie warrior who went missing in action during the heat of battle has been found safe and well after spending a year in the Afghan desert.

Sabi, a black Australian Labrador, aged about four, is back home now on the Australian base at Tarin Kowt.

Sabi was rescued by an American serviceman who suspected she was not an enemy combatant, but a highly-trained hairy bomb sniffing digger.

It’s Lassie Come Home, Afghan-style.

The story is one I would like to excerpt the entire thing, but that is a no no in the blogosphere, so, definitely read the whole thing.

After a bath and some chow, Sabi is doing quite well, ready to play, and even got a chance for a quick meet and sniff with Aussie PM Kevin Rudd and US General McChrystal.

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