Super Sunday With Sarah In Texas and “Handgate” (Update with Video)

I had so much fun Sunday at the rally for Gov. Perry that featured Sarah Palin at the Berry Center in Houston Texas. First Ted Nugent rocked the house with the National Anthem. Dan Patrick warmed up the crowd, although they needed no warming up. I met people who came from San Antonio and Austin. Sarah Palin looked awesome in a black velvet suit and purple (yes purple) knee high suede boots. She came by about two feet from us in the media section and she is even more beautiful in real life. Piper was with her (see her in the pink shirt to Palin’s left). She was adorable. You can tell she loves doing this. Sarah talked about the independent spirit of the state of Texas and Alaska and basically all the good Republican stuff about the government that governs best is the government that governs least (AMEN!). The middle picture shows Gov. Perry making Sarah an honorary Texan!Gov. Perry is already up in the polls and this will do nothing but help him.

It seems some of the leftwing are trying to make a big deal out of Palin writing words on her hand. Seriously? It amazing to me what they try to do in their pathetic attempt to smear her. Hey, guess she didn’t have a teleprompter to give her word for word what she needed to say. But Stephen Spruiell at NRO says it best:

I’m trying really hard to figure out why certain left-wing blogs are treating this picture of Sarah Palin reading notes off her hand as some kind of major coup. The notes she had written are “Energy,” “[illegible],” Taxes,” and “Lift America’s spirits.” That’s some cheat sheet.

I get that it’s a sort of “turnabout is fair play” from the set that must be very annoyed by now at all the prompter jokes. But it misses the point of why the prompter jokes have caught on. A prompter feeds your remarks to you word for word. The idea that you would need such a device to talk to a room full of sixth graders or a meeting of your own staff is funny.

On another level, the prompter jokes took off because they reinforce the substantive argument that Obama is in over his head, because they indicate that he can’t perform the the presidency’s basic public-speaking duties without a major safety net. I’m not sure what substantive argument Palin’s hand-notes are supposed to underline, and I suspect it’s not an argument so much as an attitude. The attitude would be that writing on your hand is dumb and low-class. On the left, where this opinion of Palin already prevails, anything which reinforces it will be picked up and cheerfully passed around. And, to the extent that anyone not on the left notices this giddy snobbery, it will play to Palin’s strengths.

For example, one might say: “Unlike the guy who needs a three thousand dollar teleprompter to get out of bed in the morning, Palin speaks from concise notes like everybody else. And, like other busy moms, she sometimes writes notes on her hand.” The comeback is so obvious that, again, I really can’t figure out why Palin’s detractors are bringing this up at all.

Update: Ha! I missed this yesterday. Sarah strikes back at the looney left as only she can. She writes, “Hi Mom!” on her hand at the rally.

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Here is some video of Sarah’s speech yesterday:

The rest is here.

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