The Arizona Law and The Truth

I can’t tell you how I hate the illegal immigration debate. As someone who has great respect for the Mexican American community, has close Hispanic friends, and have personally helped a friend and employee become a citizen, I hate how it divides us. I hate how so many try to make it about Hispanics v. those who fight illegal immigration.

What many on the side of fighting illegal immigration cannot seem to grasp, is that deporting illegals that have been here for decades and decades means deporting loved ones of American citizens. That includes mothers, grandparents, and fathers. No matter how legally right that is, it is humanly wrong.

What many on the side of illegals cannot seem to grasp, is that allowing illegals to take advantage of our health care, education, welfare, and food stamps is not only draining the border states, but it is, once again, creating a sub culture of the poor dependent on the government. Not to mention that our policies have allowed the exploitation of Mexican workers.

Because of decades of our government ignoring this problem and refusing compromise on either side, we are now seeing a despicable display of hate from both sides. Here we have an Hispanic Ad firm offering “Gringo Mask” to Mexicans in Az. Here we have a fake Corona ad disparaging Mexican workers.

It’s time to stop calling each other names. Those who fight illegal immigration are not racist. All illegals are not evil.

What happened with the law in Arizona, whether you love it or hate it, happened because our government refuses to deal with the problem in any effective way. It isn’t just illegals that are the problem in Arizona. There is a deadly drug cartel whose business is to smuggle drugs into our country. Arizona has been their gateway. In 2009 Phoenix became the nation’s kidnapping capital. All tied to the drug trade. Can anyone seriously blame Arizona for taking action??

In addition, illegals in Arizona’s prisons cost taxpayers in the state $150 million a year. As much as those on the left want to make this about racial profiling, it isn’t.

Here Gov. Brewer gives us some facts about the new law.The new law prohibits police from considering race, color or national origin in implementing the new statue. The Governor issued an executive order that requires proper training and enforcement protocols so that the the intent of the language could not be misunderstood.

The new law creates a state penalty the MIRRORS the federal law. It is ALREADY a federal requirement for legals to carry their green cared or other immigration documents. This law only enforces what has been a federal crime since before World War II.

Police cannot randomly ask anyone about their immigration status. There must first be reasonable suspicion that you are breaking some other non immigraition law before an officer can ask about their legal status. And even then, the person’s behavior has to provide “reasonable suspicion” that that person is here illegally.

This “reasonable suspicion” cannot be race, skin color, or national origin. So a person cannot be stopped for “walking while brown” as so many on the left have falsely stated. “Examples of reasonable suspicion include: a person running away when approached by law enforcement officers, or a car failing to stop when the police turn on their lights and siren.”

This is the law.

So those on the left, like Al Sharpton and Pres. Obama with his ice cream remark, can stop the false rhetoric that divides us. What we need is solutions that work.

Isn’t the one thing that we can all agree on is that the human smuggling and drug smuggling are a horror and must be stopped? We don’t even have to create new laws. We only have to enforce the ones already in place!

It seems to me that most people agree that border security must be a priority. Why aren’t we making it one?

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