The Myths Of Karl Rove

I finally got to finish Karl Rove’s book “Courage and Consequence.” What I would like to do is run through a couple of the false narratives the left has always pushed about Karl Rove.

The first, and perhaps the most vicious, is the story that Karl Rove was behind the pushpolling against McCain in South Carolina during the Republican president primaries in 2000. Rove says he had nothing to do with the push polling and there was never a shred of evidence that he did.

Most of you have probably heard the left’s narrative that Rove was behind the worst of the push polling that suggested that McCain had had children out of wedlock, and one of them was not white (referring to his adopted daughter). First, it wasn’t a phone push poll, but an e-mail. Not only was Rove not behind it, but it was always known who was. It was a Bob Jones University professor named Richard Hand. Hand himself was asked by CNN if the e-mail was coordinated by theBush campaign or even Bob Jones University. He said no.

So Rove had absolutely nothing to do with it, and thought it was despicable. Again, there was never a shred of evidence that he had been involved. But now, it’s just an accepted lie by the left.

The e-mail was only sent to Hand’s own e-mail list, just a few hundred people, not thousands of voters as the narrative would have you believe. Pres. Bush went on to be the first President to appoint blacks to high cabinet position. Colin Powell, Sec of State, Condi Rice, his national security advisor (and later Sec. of State), and Rod Paige, Sec of Education. This was a man known for racial inclusion. It’s absurd to imagine that he would approve of such an evil racial political hit. Absurd. Yet the left still insists that it is true

Another myth during that time? You might remember that a videotape and the Bush campaign debate briefing books were delivered to Al Gore’s debate team during the election before a debate. The left’s story (which the media bought) was that Rove had sent the materials to entrap the Gore camp. The truth was that a former Democrat (clearly not so former) who had worked with Bush media consultant, Mark McKinnon named Yvetter Lozano, did it to help Gore, and she was later indicted and pleaded guilty. Again, no evidence on Rove.

I don’t pretend that Rove is some angel. Politics is an ugly business. Both sides play nasty and Rove plays the game better than most, but the Karl Rove myths, that now are accepted fact among the left, is beyond the pale.

Speaking of nasty, I’ll end this post reminding everyone of the complete ugliness of the Clinton staff as they left the White House in 2000. The media brushed it off because it was a Democrat’s staff, but none of us should forget the unprofessional immaturity and vandalism that defined those who worked for Pres. Clinton. These people trashed the offices in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building. They ripped the W’s off all the keyboards. They left obscene messages on walls, furniture, and restrooms. They poured glue on furniture, burned furniture with cigars, and left vulgar greetings on the voice mail system. They removed phones from certain offices and put them in another. Since the phones were programmed to only work at a specific outlet, they wouldn’t work and there was no way to tell where they were supposed to go. They did this with hundreds of phones. It took almost a week ofr technicians to sort it all out.

I believe that our character is defined by the things we do when we are angry or upset. How we handle those emotions tell us much. The Clinton staff had no character. They should be ashamed. But then again, shame was something Bill Clinton never understood. He was without it. As was his staff.

Rove’s book is fascinating. It isn’t that I believe what Rove says just because he says it. But when there is NO evidence disputing his version, I do believe him. I’ll spend this week going over the big items, Katrina and the Iraq War and a few other things. Stay tuned.

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