Time Magazine’s Congressional Correspondent ObamaCare Cheerleader

Jay Newton-Small is the newest top contender for the George Stephanopoulos Prize for Non-Partisan Objectivity:

Take a good look around, Democrats, this is likely to be as bad as it’s going to get. . . .
But, oh how quickly things can change. If you pass the bill, next week’s coverage is likely to trumpet triumph, the most productive legislative session since LBJ, an historic and seminal victory.

This is why Time magazine pays congressional correspondents the big bucks: So they can promise Democrats favorable coverage if they pass liberal legislation.

If what you want is not shameless cheerleading, but rather useful factual reporting, then skip Time magazine and try Ace of Spades HQ, where Gabriel Malor does a very careful whip-count and reports:

There are now twelve who voted “yes” the first time, but have refused to commit to voting the same way this time . . .
And there are sixteen who voted “no” the first time who could be victims of Rahm-in-the-lockerroom-with-the-lead-pipe bullying or Cornhusker Compromise bribery . . .
So Pelosi needs 24 out of 28 maybes to break her way.

Which means that, despite Jay Newton-Small’s promise to “trumpet triumph” next week, Pelosi and Obama still haven’t twisted enough arms to pass the bill, and the odds are decidely against them being able to get there before Easter.

(Cross-posted at The Other McCain.)

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