20 Random 140 Character Thoughts

* Hey Obama, Washington is not “They,” it’s YOU! When people complain about Washington, they mean YOU!

* The march towards socialism in America is neither secret nor conspiratorial. It’s out in the open & Obama’s leading it

* We need a charity that ships weaponry to Christians being murdered & persecuted in backwards parts of the world.

* If today’s Hollywood was around in WW2, they’d of made films about FDR bombing Pearl Harbor to frame the Japanese.

* China is a major regional power, but they’re probably too unstable to ever be a real super power.

* If Obamacare passes, it proves there’s really no such thing as a pro-life Democrat anymore.

* When power mad, wild eyed socialists trying to radically change the country, of course there are lots of filibusters.

* If Dems were to use these illegitimate tactics to pass Healthcare, the GOP would be justified in using even dirtier tactics to repeal it

* In my experience, the vast majority of a blog’s readers won’t listen to audio. If it’s important, transcribe it.

* Charlie Crist should drop out of the Fl. Senate race, try to repair his reputation, & run against Bill Nelson in 2012.

* Only ignorant people believe conservatives & liberals are the same except they hold dif positions on the issues.

* As far as I’m concerned, the Falkland Islands belong to Britain & the US should back them on that 100%

* While walking the dog, I saw a cat trying to sneak up on 3 buzzards. Ya gotta admire the moxie.

* Minor pet peeve: People in commercials who look WAY, WAY too happy. Nobody gets “I’m a millionaire” happy over detergent

* Hint from watching Dead Snow (which is awful). If someone is killing a zombie w/ an ax, don’t tap them on the shoulder.

* Know who tells people they “don’t do drama” right off the bat? People who tend to be involved in a lot of drama.

* Weird liberal idea: The public is angry w/ them because they haven’t passed enough of their wildly unpopular legislation

* I’m very disappointed in Sarah Palin for agreeing to do multiple campaign stops for McCain.

* If you don’t believe in securing the border first, you don’t believe in securing the border at all.

* If “gov’t is broken,” maybe it’s because they keep doing things that should be unconstitutional under the 10th Amendment

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