Exotic Vacation Spot Of Cancun Will Host Next UN Climate Alarmist Meeting

If you thought “hey, maybe they will do it in someplace boring, which could use an economic lift, and wouldn’t show that the UN uses these conferences as taxpayer funded vacations,” well, no Thirsty Thursday for you!

Government negotiators are already writing off chances for a global treaty to fight climate change, nine months before the annual talks begin in Cancun, Mexico.

Yes, the big UN conference will be in the exotic vacation spot of Cancun. Oh, and did you catch that part about it already being written off?

Kunihiko Shimada, principal international negotiator at the Japanese Ministry of the Environment, said a deal this year is “almost impossible.” Jos Delbeke, who spearheads European Union climate policy at the European Commission, ruled out a “comprehensive legal agreement” in 2010.

Their remarks call into question whether efforts to curb greenhouse-gas emissions are progressing after failing in Copenhagen in December. President Barack Obama’s energy proposal is bogged down in the U.S. Congress. Without a U.S. commitment, China and India, two of the fastest-growing polluters, may be reluctant to limit greenhouse gases blamed for global warming.

So, question: if it is already set up for failure, why have it? Oh, that’s right: exotic vacation spot of Cancun. The alarmist conference was originally meant to be held in Mexico City. Mexico City’s mayor also points out that Cancun is “nice and warm, but not very green.”


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