Times Tough In Gulf One Year Later…Because of Obama

Today is the first anniversary of the Gulf oil spill, and while the spill is totally cleaned up and major safety improvements are on the way to prevent a spill of this magnitude from ever happening again. But, weirdly, the Gulf is still suffering major setbacks. Unemployment rates have jumped. Gas prices have skyrocketed. Obama’s off to Brazil to beg off oil from foreign shores. So who’s responsible for this disaster that’s occurred? BP? Oil companies? Little green men from outer space who come at night to close small businesses and derail American offshore drilling operations?

Bobby Jindal knows who’s responsible, and he’s kicking ass and taking names today. Of administration officials, including President Obama.

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal used a TV appearance Wednesday morning marking the first anniversary of the BP oil spill not only to tout the progress his state has made but also to attack President Barack Obama’s response to the spill and his policies more broadly.

“Three hundred miles of coast continue to be oiled, but at the same time, you’re seeing a great recovery story here,” the Republican governor said on NBC’s “Today” show. “So yes, there’s work to be done, but the reality is we’re rebuilding our state, coming back better than before.”…

Jindal’s message wasn’t all boosterism. As he touted his state’s progress, he once again criticized the Obama administration for its moratorium last summer on deepwater drilling. “One of the side effects, one of the things we need to recover from is the administration imposed a one-size-fits-all moratorium after the spill,” he said. “We want drilling to be done safely but we don’t want to lose thousands of jobs down here.”

Yeah, see, it’s turned out that while Obama’s administration has claimed to lift the moratorium, they totally haven’t. In fact, the administration has been incredible at dragging it’s feet re-issuing drilling permits…so incredible that, according to one study by LSU prof Joseph Mason, they’ve cost the Gulf over 12,000 jobs in the Gulf and over 20,000 jobs nationally. An organization called Save US Energy Jobs put together an infographic detailing some of the serious consequences of the administration’s policies. They include a host of horrific details like dollar-more-per-gallon gas, thousands of small businesses closed, an incredible unemployment rate in the Gulf, and worst, departing oil rigs who once tried to harvest the 97% of crude oil resources that remain untouched in the Gulf’s deep water. According to SEUJ, the US has lost almost a billion dollars.
And then there’s the matter of gas prices.
All while Obama and his cronies harped about energy independence and twittered their thumbs. They say they’re only doing what Americans want them to do, but clearly they aren’t listening to any Americans outside their own hallowed halls. A CNN poll yesterday revealed that, it turns out, Americans thoroughly support returning to deepwater drilling in the Gulf. By almost 40 points.
So while the left is wailing today about how horrible the Gulf oil spill was to the economy, silently remember all of the people in the Gulf who were actually victimized twice: once by the Gulf spill that threatened their very existence, and then a second time, tortured by the policies of an administration who’s lack of care is costing Americans billions of dollars and thousands of jobs.

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