What Is Freedom For The Iraqi People Worth?

What Is Freedom For The Iraqi People Worth?: I’m not going to try to snow you and pretend that the primary reason I favor an invasion of Iraq is because I want to see the Iraqi people liberated. To the contrary, the principal reason I want to see us remove Saddam is because I believe that is one of things we have to do to win the war on terrorism.

However, if I were chiefly concerned about the welfare of the Iraqi people, I would be even more hawkish than I am now. I say that although I know that Iraqi civilians are going to die in the coming war. Between Saddam’s last murderous strikes at his own people & collateral damage from our missiles, thousands of Iraqi civilians may die in the next few weeks.

But, how many are going to die if we do nothing? How many ordinary Iraqis would Saddam deliberately starve to death? How many innocent people would disappear into Saddam’s prisons never to be seen again? What if we went all the way and left the no-fly zones and removed the sanctions? We can’t keep them indefinitely you know. How many tens of thousands of Kurds would Saddam eradicate? Then how many people would die when he inevitably invaded another nation? (Cont)

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