What is “Too Patriotic” Supposed

What is “Too Patriotic” Supposed To Be?: I just don’t get the attitude that people like Johnny Carson have. Take a look at this quote from him on Fox’s Super Bowl coverage…

“When you look at the production — give me a break! Norman Mailer said something about patriotism being a nice thing, but just ease up a bit… It’s nice to live in this country, but ease up!”

I’ve never gotten this sort of mentality. You know the people who don’t want to say the Pledge of Allegiance, who refuse to salute the flag, who get p.o.’d when OTHER people want to be patriotic, etc. In Carson’s case, you have a guy who made more money than you could spend in 20 lifetimes being a goofball on TV for a couple of decades and yet he’s getting irritated at people expressing love for the country that made him staggeringly wealthy and famous. It just defies reason.

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