Yeah, great, the Nobel Prize, congratulations. But President Palin can get us this:

Yeah, great, the Nobel Prize, congratulations.  But President Palin can get us <em>this:</em>

Politico: Obama 15th Hottest Head of State

President Barack Obama may have been granted a Nobel Peace Prize, but that doesn’t mean that every top honor comes to him easily. The new website “Hottest Heads of State” has ranked the attractiveness of 172 world leaders, and Obama comes in 15th behind such notables as Ukraine’s Yulia Tymoshenko, Norway’s Jens Stoltenberg, Belarus’s Alexander Lukashenko and Argentina’s Cristina Fernández de Kirchner.

Tymoshenko came in first:


That one, I get. She might even compete with Palin on something like this, although I think we’d have to see them both in boots to make a really informed decision.

Stoltenberg, okay, he’s got kind of a Clive Owen thing going:


I sure won’t argue with Argentina’s de Kirchner:

Argentina Elections



He looks like the evil alternate universe’s version of Barney Miller. How’d he sneak in ahead of Obama?

Naturally, any list like this is going to be subjective. I might wonder how Lukashenko got in ahead of Obama, but I also wonder how Obama snuck in ahead of…um…

Boy, not a lot to choose from out there, good-looking world leader-wise, is there? And how in the world did Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah not come in last?

When it comes to my own Western-developed mass-media-influenced sense of beauty, at least where the women are concerned…well, you get a lot of stately, and a lot of dignified, but…let’s just say there aren’t too many mashed-up bags of meat with lipstick on them among our world leaders. Maybe that’s a good thing – shouldn’t we rate our leaders more on their intellectual and leadership abilities, and less on their attractiveness?

On the other hand, I wonder how many diplomatic concessions somebody like Prime Minister Tymoshenko – or President Palin – can win that…oh, say Jan Fischer…can’t?

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