Cat Slips And Falls From The Top Of A 3 Story Building – Lands On Its Feet And Survives (Super Cat) [Video]

Talk about having nine lives and then some. When I first watched this, it brought my heart up into my mouth. I actually didn’t realize it was so far down. When I saw the cat fall, I just couldn’t believe it landed on its feet and ran off unscathed. That is a flat out miracle. It looks like the cat was trying to crawl around higher on the concrete. Then he lost his cat grip and toppled dramatically towards the pavement. Not all cats land on their feet. I’ve had a couple that just went splat when they fell off something. This feline acrobat made good on the legend and came down on all fours. Startled to be alive and fearing another cat, he ran off.

For those out there asking why the guy filming didn’t help the cat, it happened too fast and George was on the roof next to the ledge. All he could do was watch in horror. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cat do something so foolish, but there you go. Cats get very embarrassed when they do something boneheaded and I’m sure this cat’s ego was really bruised – just like his feet and several other parts of his anatomy must have been. This kitty just used one of his nine lives – better be a bit more careful where you go climbing bud. Gravity sucks.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton is an editor and writer for Right Wing News. She owns and blogs at She is a Constitutional Conservative and NoisyRoom focuses on political and national issues of interest to the American public. Terresa is the editor at Trevor Loudon's site, New Zeal - She also does research at You can email Terresa here. NoisyRoom can be found on Facebook and on Twitter.

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