2016 Republican Candidates: Why there is only one who can win The White House

The year has barely begun and already 2016 Presidential hopefuls are making moves, setting things up, and jockeying for position. Right now it seems as if every new establishment Republican or re-treaded, re-branded, lightweight RINO thinks this is their year. The Washington elite party bosses think they have it all figured out. They think one of their own is going to be the party’s next standard bearer. If we allow the Beltway Boys to pick our nominee again we will surely lose once more.

When we run interchangeable candidates like Bob McCain John Romney, and Mitt Dole we always lose.

Let’s briefly go over 12 potential candidates that most of us have heard of or have heard the media speak about, and in no particular order.

Chris Christie: (Governor of my home state of New Jersey)

He is brash, he is bold, and he never backs down from a fight. He is a tough talking former US Attorney who has done some good things in New Jersey. Christie has fought against raising taxes and even stood up to the teacher’s unions. Christie is still trying to recover from “Toll Gate” and you can bet if he decides to run the left and the right will hang him with it. Also, Christie is soft on guns, soft on illegal immigration, and is it me or does he have a habit of hugging the wrong people at the absolute worse time? (See the Barack Embrace and Jerry Jones jubilee as proof.)

Jeb Bush: (former Governor of Florida and brother of George W. Bush)

Jeb had a good economic record in Florida as Governor and cut taxes and created lots of jobs. He has also shown no leniency for convicted murderers on death row executing 21 people. However, he is terrible on illegal immigration even uttering the ridiculous line, “they come here out of love.” If that wasn’t bad enough, he arrogantly said he can, “made Republicans embrace Amnesty?” If Illegal aliens are invading our country, ignoring our laws, and breaching our borders out of love, then I’d hate to see what they would do out of hate? Besides, hasn’t America had enough with family dynasties? What is this North Korea? Enough is enough.

Dr. Ben Carson: (Brilliant Neurosurgeon never held elected office)

I like Dr. Carson. He is a very smart man who came from very humble beginnings. He has a wonderful American story. He is widely recognized as the first surgeon to separate conjoined twins at the head. He also has made comments recently that lead many Conservatives to believe he may be soft on The Second Amendment. As a brain surgeon he has seen and treated a ton of gunshot wounds and these real life experiences may have tainted his view on this issue. I am an absolutist when it comes to the Second Amendment and millions more Americans feel the exact same way.

Mike Huckabee: (Former Governor of Arkansas and TV/Radio Host)

Mike Huckabee is a great communicator. He is a great social conservative and he is an excellent debater. He also is unconventional, can be very funny, and plays a mean bass guitar. How cool was it in 2012 that he would campaign for a few hours in a city and then set up his equipment with his band and play afterwards? A lot of people like Huckabee and for good reasons however he has raised taxes in Arkansas, is soft on crime and the death penalty, and is luke warm on illegal immigration.

Rick Santorum: (Former Senator from Pennsylvania)

Rick is another great social conservative. He is strong on taxes, limiting government, and has a pretty consistent voting record from his time in the Senate. Let’s not forget he was the runner up to Mitt Romney in 2012 and if he had the financial backing and war chest that Romney had he just might have won the nomination. I think what ultimately sank Santorum was what he said in one of the debates that made RINO Republicans swoon and Constitutional Conservatives cringe. On a question about No Child Left Behind he said this, “I have to admit. I voted for that. It was against the principles I believed in, but sometimes you have to take one for the team.” Sorry, but admittedly abandoning your principles for political gain or favor is not Presidential.

Rick Perry: (Former Governor of Texas)

I like Rick Perry. He was a great Governor for Texas and created a lot of jobs in the state. I love his easy going, smooth style and commend him for being politically brave. One of the things he said was he would like to make Washington as inconsequential in all of our lives. He also said if he were President he would make Congress be a part time job. He also was brave enough to say live in a debate what departments of our government he would eliminate. I love his positions on all these things even if he froze up on National Television and could not remember the departments he would select. But he also is soft on illegal immigration and gives in state tuition to illegal immigrants. There is also his proposal in 2001 of the Trans Texas Corridor which would create a superhighway from Texas into Mexico. That is way to Globalist thinking for me.

Mitt Romney: (Former Governor of Massachusetts and 2012 Nominee)

Really? Are we going here again? Look, I like Mitt Romney. I think he is a kind and generous soul. He has a great family, with great kids and America would have been proud to have such a decent person who loves our country represent us. He was also from a pure business standpoint the most qualified person to run for president in over 50 years. Mitt’s problem is that he is not a politician, he is a businessman. Romney’s reluctance to talk about himself and to connect with people were part of his downfall, (not to mention the immense amount of voter fraud the left committed in all the swing states.) Romney would be great as a Treasury Secretary or Economic World Leader. He is the type of guy that excels with a calculator and a spreadsheet. I will admit however that America would not be in the state of ruin and disrepair it now finds itself in had Mitt Romney been elected President.

Lt. Colonel Allen West: (Former Congressman and Fox New Contributor)

I really like Allen West. I have had the pleasure to interview him on my show. He is a solid Conservative with a ton of much needed military experience. He is bold, smart, and very knowledgeable of foreign affairs. He has never wavered or buckled from political pressure and has remained a true Conservative throughout his time in Congress. In fact, he would be my second choice if he decides to run and my first choice as Vice President.

Ted Cruz: (Current Senator from Texas)

What is not to love about this guy? He is solid on all the issues. If you are looking for “purity” this is the guy. Would I be happy with a President Cruz? Absolutely. When all the other members of the Senate caved on spending bills, Obamacare, Amnesty, who stood up, spoke out, and never wavered? Ted Cruz. His all night filibuster made him a legend in most Conservatives eyes. He is a passionate patriot and great leader that every American should cherish is there to fight for us. He would make a great President too, and may have been another one of my top choices if one other person wasn’t out there.thehilla

Ok, for sake of time there are a few others I have not mentioned. Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Bobby Jindal just to name a few more. Rand has too much “Ronny” in him and I’m not talking about Reagan if you know what I mean. Marco would be great electorally speaking but he lost me with his support of the Senate Immigration bill and the “gang of eight”. Bobby Jindal is excellent but relatively unknown, and Super Sara Palin has not said much about running. I’m sure the folks reading this are wondering why I left out this person and that person. I picked these 12 solely because there names have been talked about in the media.

So who is left? Who than can Conservatives get behind for 2016? I think the question Conservatives and Republicans need to ask themselves in stead is who is the most electable Conservative candidate who is authentic and closest to purity that can win the nomination and then go on to win the Presidency?

Scott Walker: (Current Governor of Wisconsin)

I believe that person is Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin. Governor Walker is a solid Conservative. He is an authentic and real reformer who ran on a Conservative reform platform and has practiced what he has preached. He is pro life, pro marriage, and pro gun.

Let’s look at some of his credentials:

Signed into law a voter identification law that requires voters to show a government issued ID card before casting a ballot.

Returned a 37.6 million dollar Federal grant meant to be used to set up health care exchanges in Wisconsin.

He has called on the Wisconsin legislature to repeal Common Core standards in public schools.

However, what he is most famous for (or infamous if you are a leftist union thug) is what he did to collective bargaining rights in Wisconsin. After liberal Governor Jim Doyle left Wisconsin’s economy in a fiscal crises the newly elected Walker immediately put his campaign promises into action to fix the problem. He proposed a 2011 budget repair bill that along with balancing Wisconsin’s budget in the future, also eliminated many of the collective bargaining rights that the unions in Wisconsin used to intimate workers, harass private businesses, and grow their ranks.

As a result of this the unions tried to recall him but their efforts failed. Scott Walker has defeated the left not once, not twice, but three solid times and he did it in the blue state of Wisconsin. He has already proven to be a winner and that is what Republicans need to realize. Do we want to look good and sound tough with red meat rhetoric? Or do we want to finally win an election and defeat the left soundly? Scott Walker already has the infrastructure in place, the ground game in waiting, and could easily build a national presence in all 50 states much sooner than most other candidates. In addition, he will fully motivate and re-energize those 7 million voters who stay home in 2012.

Although he has not made any formal announcements he is going to be speaking in Iowa at The Iowa Freedom Summit on January 24th. If Republicans and more importantly Conservatives were smart they would get behind Governor Scott Walker immediately.

2016 will be upon us before we know it. The left will be anointing Hillary Clinton probably very soon and they will have a lot of time, money, and resources to spend on her as she prepares for her probable run in 2016.

If Republicans are ever to win another Presidential election they need to avoid to major mistakes. The first mistake is hesitation. If we hesitate to get behind a candidate that we know can win than we are allowing the establishment once again to pick our candidate for us. We have seen their track record and it isn’t pretty. The second mistake we can’t afford to make is lack of unity. We can not afford to be divided in who we want to represent the party in 2016. We need to get behind one person and do everything we can to make sure they not only defeat the establishment candidate but more importantly win the nomination and the Presidency.

The truth is folks whether you want to admit it or not we are on the last throngs of our democracy. That is not right wing scare tactics that is the grim reality. Everywhere we turn there are factions working against our freedoms and trying to take our liberties. It is mostly coming from the left but unfortunately more and more we are finding ourselves fighting it from our own ranks as well.

Governor Scott Walker is my choice in 2016 because he is a proven winner. Also, my contacts in Washington tell me that of all the candidates that I have mentioned so far, then one candidate the left fears the most is Scott Walker. That’s good enough for me.

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