This Is How To Escape If Someone Zip-Ties Your Wrists

This Is How To Escape If Someone Zip-Ties Your Wrists

The odds of someone zip-tying your hands together with malicious intent are very, very low. However, it’s always good to know something and not need it, than need it and not know it. That being said, enjoy learning how to escape those evil plastic handcuffs.


From RealClear:

Life is strange and you can never know what situations you can end up in. In the instance of being kidnapped or held hostage there are certain things that are really important to know that could possibly save your life and allow you to escape.

In the video above the lovely lady shows us a neat way to escape if someone zip ties your wrists. It may not be very useful for you right now but life is so strange that one second you can be enjoying a nice hot cup of cocoa on your bed, binge watching your favorite Netflix series and in the next second you’re tied up and held hostage against your will. It’s always good to be prepared beforehand.

Watch the video below:

Yes, you can have your hands zip-tied behind your back, yes, there are metal-reinforced and thicker zip-ties, and yes it’s entirely unlikely that you will ever need to know this. That being said, I hope you enjoyed the video and never need to use this, or any other technique to escape a bad situation.


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