VIDEO: Mexican Wrestling Star Perro Aguayo Jr. Dies After Match With Rey Mysterio Jr.

VIDEO: Mexican Wrestling Star Perro Aguayo Jr. Dies After Match With Rey Mysterio Jr.

Pro-Wrestling may be “fake,” but the beating these guys take in the ring is very real. Sure, these are well trained athletes who are well versed in how to protect their bodies, but they’re regularly being punched, drop kicked, body slammed and generally savaged by other well trained athletes for as much as 300 nights a year. That’s why it’s no surprise that so many wrestlers end up addicted to drugs or dead after their careers end. The real surprise is that more of them aren’t fatally injured during their matches like Perro Aguayo Jr.

Aguayo & Mysterio

Mexican wrestling star Perro Aguayo Jr. has died at 35 years old after an in-ring accident in a match last night in Tijuana. According to, he hit the ring ropes after taking a dropkick from Rey Mysterio Jr., as seen in video of the full match, and was injured either then or when his tag team partner Manik hit them as well. (Either way, it seems to have been simply a freak accident.) As seen in the several videos above, taken from ringside—these are difficult to watch, but don’t show the exact moment when Aguayo seems to have been injured—Mysterio and the other participants in the match continued briefly, with Aguayo’s partner, apparently unaware of the seriousness of the situation, pulling him out of the way of the action.

Aguayo went limp after a dropkick, but it didn’t look to be particularly brutal, so it’s hard to know if that was the move that injured him or something earlier (like the Hurricanrana just before) did the damage and it finally caught up to him.

To his credit, Mysterio realized something was wrong, avoided hitting Aguayo with his 619 and then quickly wrapped the match up so he could get medical attention. Yet and still, the state prosecutor’s office says it’s possible manslaughter charges may be filed.

It’s a sad, sad situation and our condolences go out to Perro Aguayo Jr.’s family and friends.

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