Actor Scott Baio Releases BLUNT Message About Hillary Clinton [VIDEO]

Actor Scott Baio Releases BLUNT Message About Hillary Clinton [VIDEO]

Hollywood is comprised almost entirely of liberals… but that doesn’t mean that every celebrity has drunk the Kool-Aid. Some of them are still willing to think for themselves. And Scott Baio is one of them. The television star has been an outspoke supporter of Donald Trump’s and an even more outspoken critic of Hillary Clinton’s. And he just released a video slamming Hillary supporters.


Specifically addressing women, Baio acknowledges that some of them may not want to vote for Donald Trump after his misogynistic statements were released, which included his bragging about sexually assaulting women. Baio says that women could assume that these statements were true and so they don’t vote for Trump. Fair enough — but then, they have to be willing to own whatever happens during Hillary’s presidency.

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“You have no right to complain about open borders, where drugs and illegals are coming in here by the thousands. You have no right to complain about ISIS coming into our country and killing innocent Americans,” he said. “You have no right to complain about bad trade deals that are taking jobs out of this country and making other countries rich and making us poor. You have no right to complain about Obamacare, when your premiums go up 30, 40, 50 percent. You have no right to complain about the economy, which stinks and will only get worse because Hillary Clinton is going to raise taxes, and slap more regulations on businesses.”

But that’s not all, Baio argued. There is also the issue of the Supreme Court, as Hillary will likely be nominating at least one justice. So whatever happens, the people who voted for her can’t complain about the inevitable result.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton looks on as she speaks during a town hall meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada

But like a typical Trump supporter, he waded into misogynistic waters, telling women who support Hillary to stop being silly emotional women. “So do us all a big favor, stop voting with your emotions and start voting with your head,” said. “Trump-Pence will restore America to being great.”

Here’s a hint, Trump backers: insulting people isn’t going to endear anyone to your candidate. If you want to sway people from Hillary and to Trump, then stick to the politics. Telling women that they’re just being too “emotional” won’t help your cause, so try taking your own advice. Stop being so emotional — remember, anger is an emotion, too! — and start using your head when you’re attempting to gain votes for Trump. Getting overwhelmed with anger and derision is just as stupid.

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