Street Artist Sabo Strikes Again! Jimmy Kimmel Slammed As ‘Cry Baby’ All Over Hollywood!

Street Artist Sabo Strikes Again! Jimmy Kimmel Slammed As ‘Cry Baby’ All Over Hollywood!

Entertainment and Hollywood news sites are all over the newest street art by Sabo.

With Jimmy Kimmel in a blubbery mess on late night trying to politicize every event that rolls his way, from the Las Vegas Massacre to healthcare reform bills, he’s the perfect target.

Jimmy, in recent days, has been taking time to mock “gun nuts” while blaming them for being responsible for the deaths of 59 people. Instead of funny monologues, he chooses to say that people who want to keep their guns are waiting for the “storm of outrage” to pass so they can keep on with their “dirty business as usual.” The video has been uploaded online and is titled “It’s not too soon to talk about gun violence.

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I miss Carson.

Last night Sabo’s posters were plastered in Hollywood both near Jimmy Kimmel’s home as well as on Hollywood Boulevard near the Jimmy Kimmel Live! theater were his shows are shot. Posters included references to the 1990 Johnny Depp feature Cry-Baby, as well as to The Jimmy Kimmel Estrogen Hour which might be a reference to The Man Show, which starred both Jimmy and Adam Carolla. Adam Carolla managed to keep from turning into a wilting pansy leftie and his Adam Carolla Show is the number one most downloaded daily podcast in the world. Carolla recently appeared with Ben Shapiro and others to testify to Congress on the topic of safe spaces in colleges, saying that “the adults need to start being adults” and to protect children in safe spaces is as bad for their development as it is to keep a kid from ever encountering germs.

Here’s one example of the Cry-Baby poster in Hollywood:

Sabo produces his prints quietly, using equipment and services run by fellow conservatives. The left tries to compare him to their liberal whiner Banksy in an effort to delegitimize Sabo by endlessly comparing him to another artist with all the intention of forcing us to believe that Sabo has no good ideas himself and that he stole all of his tactics from the left.

Last November, conservative actor Scott Baio shared a photo of one of Sabo’s post-election installments. These benches ended up all around the pricey Los Angeles communities of Pacific Palisades, Brentwood and Beverly Hills. The faux bench ads show perennial nut-job Cher along with President Trump advertising her home for sale via Sotheby’s in their “Moving to Jupiter Election Day Sale.”

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