Don’t Like Trump? Think About This….

The United States is facing the most important election since its founding. Will a leftist President hell bent on fulfilling the Obama Doctrine of depleting our liberties be elected? Or, will we elect a President determined to return the USA to its rightful leadership position in a troubled world? America is a powder keg of challenges. Much to our detriment, those challenges are not being seriously addressed by the candidates or the media.

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President Obama has spent two terms publicly denying our country’s exceptionalism and demeaning its greatness. He has enriched venomous enemies while smugly ignoring, insulting and boorishly lecturing friends. The hallmark of his Presidency is one of trampling on individual rights, greater racial anger, a strange attachment and defense of Islam, denigrating Christianity and guiding the most anti-Israel Administration since its modern day founding. He successfully pursued the Alinsky dream of socializing and damaging America’s health care, increasing national debt to unsustainable levels and obliterated the hopes and dreams of the middle class particularly the African American community. “Sequestration” targeting the military budget was created by Obama’s lack of leadership or disinterest in working with both sides of the Congressional aisle. This has led to a vast reduction in our military capabilities at a time the world’s diabolical regimes have increased theirs.

But media focus on the trivial, not the real issues, may help usher in yet another four to eight disastrous years perhaps worse than those we just muddled through?

We will soon witness the end of Obama’s White House stay, his multi-million dollar vacations, golf outings and open arms to despots. What awaits the next Administration will require someone of heroic fortitude. For he or she will take a solemn oath to protect a nation with greater threats to its survival than at any time in history.

Islamic terrorism and one of its many surrogates, ISIS, promises a massive “event” here in the US. They are committing genocide all over the Middle East. Europe, which foolishly opened their borders to millions of un-vetted Islamic immigrants, is now the victim of terror as witnessed in Belgium last week and Paris last year. In addition to Islamic terrorism, both American-haters North Korea and Iran regularly test fire long-range ballistic missiles designed to carry nukes. North Korea again last week publicly threatened to murder millions by destroying Washington, D.C. Iran preaches “death to America” while treating the so called Iranian Nuclear Agreement as nothing more than a strategy to appease the naive one’s while pursuing their dangerous arms build-up. Russian and Chinese military aggression grows unabated while our brilliant leaders blab about Climate Control, designed to do nothing more than transfer wealth from great nations to the non-producers.

We can expect more and probably worse should a Democrat be elected in November. Imagine the Democrat’s choices for President; a compulsive liar and the worst Secretary of State in modern history (albeit John Kerry is giving her a run for it) and a proud socialist who took from others and never created anything to be proud of. Surely the tough loudmouth New York Republican businessman would be preferred over that leftist bunch(?) – even if he does make you periodically cringe.

But one wonders, why do so many Republicans focus on the destruction of Donald Trump; the party’s leading candidate for President? Yes, Trump has made dreadful and elementary statements and his celebrity status has drowned out others. But the vision of President Hillary Clinton is terrifying. The media pundits, even the conservative ones, seemingly ignore Clinton while thumping Trump. Nothing wrong with one of influence stating an opinion, but should he become the nominee, obsessively demeaning Trump may go a long way toward creating a Clinton Presidency.

Trump’s carnival-like campaign is the stuff media craves and yet, he is leading. I wish it were Cruz. But at the end of the day, real issues are being ignored and that is worrisome. A reporter’s tussle with Trump’s bullish campaign manager or an unprepared Trumpism on abortion is harped on as if nothing else in the world matters.

There is worse than Trump. There is Mrs. Clinton. If she wins, we will all be traveling on the road to tyrannical hell. Don’t help her.

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