Dems Have New Slogan To Roll Out After Realizing “RESISTANCE” Isn’t Working

Dems Have New Slogan To Roll Out After Realizing “RESISTANCE” Isn’t Working

So, the loser Democrats have decided that instead of kicking out the millionaires who have been working in political office jobs since the 80s, they’re going to rebrand with a new slogan! A new slogan will fix everything, right?

May I suggest, “We’re corrupt, but at least the worst of us will be dead soon,” or “We Don’t Care About Wisconsin,” or “If You Live In A Dying Small Town, Then We Will Find A Way To Keep You Dependent On Benefits If You Switch Back To Voting Democrat?”

Unfortunately, my emailed ideas went unused, so we know that their 2018 midterm election branding won’t get to the heart of the issue.

Jeff Stein is a reporter for Vox, who was the first to let us know that the new Democrat slogan will be A Better Deal: Better Skills, Better Jobs, Better Wages.

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If your first thought is “Better Ingredients, Better Pizza? PAPA JOHNS!” then you are far from alone.

Stein goes on to report that the slogan was “the result of months of polling” among people who are too good for normal pizza.

As reported in The Daily Caller:

Pelosi verbalized her belief in June that the Democratic Party needs a stronger message that voters will be able to relate to, adding that if her party fails to create a plan for victory, she will “put this down on a piece of paper and give it to them.”

Sen. Jon Tester, D-MT, told Politico in June that “messaging” has plagued the Democratic Party.

“Message has always been a challenge for Democrats, because it tends to get too convoluted and not very simple,” Tester said.

“We ought to have a message already,” he added. “I’m not sure we have a cohesive message. But we’ve certainly got one for Montana,” he said.

And because they’re so tone-deaf, we all get to enjoy seeing them struggle to talk to the majority of the country.

Or this is all one big, covert public awareness campaign designed to make us all hungry for pizza.

Margaret M.

Internet Specialist at Warfare Media.

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